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Order Process

How to Order

Are you ready to purchase? You can place your order through our online checkout, or contact one of our sales representatives who can assist you with all the details of your order.

Not sure what wood type to choose? Our sales representatives are happy to discuss the different wood types & options with you and help you decide which is the best for you. The pricing of our furniture is dictated by type of wood used. To create a pricing quote, we will need to know what wood type you are interested in as well as any additional product specifications. 

Are you unsure what stain to choose? No problem. We provide a palette of wood samples for the cost of $30 for your first set and $5 for each additional set. Half the cost of the samples is refunded if you place an order with us and the samples need to be returned within 7 days of receiving them. Individual 4" x 4" stain samples can be purchased for $10 each and 6" x 8" samples can be purchased for $20 per sample. For more information on our stain palettes and to view our palette, visit our Stains & Finishes page. 

Order Process

After your order is placed we will email you a Final Order Confirmation so you can verify the details of your order. We will not proceed with your order until we receive a confirmation. We do not need a stain or upholstery choice to process your order, but these selections must be made before the order can be submitted with the builder.

When you confirm your order, we will send you the necessary sample sets, if requested. Due to a limited number of upholstery sets we cannot send them out until an order has been placed. When you have made your stain choice, notify your sales representative as soon as possible and your order will be submitted. 

Once the order is submitted, the building phase takes about 6-8 weeks. The builder then informs us when the order is sent to the finisher and the finishing stage takes about 2-3 weeks. When your order is complete, it is picked up by the shipping company and prepared for shipping. At this point you will receive a notification from us, or from the shipping company, with an estimated date of shipment and delivery. For more information on the shipping process, please visit our Shipping Information page.

If you have a remaining balance, it is due at the time of shipment. Should you need to delay delivery, we are able to hold your order, but you may be subject to storage fees. Your remaining balance is due when your order is completed, even if you choose to delay shipment of your order.