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Our Policies

Natural Wood Characteristics

Part of what makes handcrafted Amish furniture so beautiful are the natural characteristics of the wood. As each piece of wood is unique because of inherent qualities such as sap wood, knots, pits, and variations of tone and color. Furniture made from solid hardwood does not have the perfect uniformity of a laminated or veneered piece. Our builders work to enhance these natural characteristics while minimizing the amount of variation, but we cannot guarantee that they will be completely avoided. Cherry wood is especially prone to sap wood and pits, and it is possible that these natural characteristics will be visible on your furniture.

Finishing Characteristics

Due to natural wood grain patterns, stain is absorbed differently, even on the same wood species. For this reason, your finished piece can vary slightly from the stain sample you selected and it is impossible to guarantee an exact match. Additionally, as grain pattern and wood tone greatly affect the finishing process, the stain may vary in light and darkness over the expanse of the furniture piece. Special finishing techniques, such as distressing and rub-through, are a subjective art form and part of the handcrafted process. If there is a special finishing technique you have in mind, we recommend submitted a sample to us.

Handcrafted Process


As each piece of furniture is handcrafted, there are certain qualities that are approximate including base size, leaf size, height and width. Our builders strive to maintain standard dimensions, but we cannot guarantee exact measurements.

Lead Time

The handcrafting process means lead times are also approximate. In general, we estimate each order will take about 2.5-3 months from the time the order is placed until it is delivered to your home. But this is an estimate and the completion date can differ from this standard estimate. We do monitor the process to ensure that each order is completed in the timeliest manner possible, while still allowing time for expert craftsmanship. While our builders are working on your order, we do not get updates regarding its status. Generally after 1.5-2 months we receive the update that the order is being sent to the finisher and will inform you of the status at that time.


All of your furniture is fully insured by our shipping companies, and we work closely with them to ensure that your furniture arrives safely to you. If during the course of packaging or shipping there is damage to your furniture, we will work with our shippers and builders to help resolve the issue in the most expedient and satisfactory way possible so that the end result meets the high quality standards we have become known for.


Amish Tables stands behind the high quality of the furniture that our builders produce. Together with our Amish craftsmen, we guarantee your furniture against workmanship defects for one year after the date of delivery. This does not apply to normal wear and tear, abuse, or natural characteristics of the wood or seasonal cracking. Because furniture needs to be maintained at an optimal humidity range (35%-45%) to prevent warping and cracking, the customer is required to supply Amish Tables with a humidity reading should warping or cracking occur. Amish Tables and/or our builders will cover the costs of repairs within the warranty time frame if the humidity reading is within the optimal humidity range. Amish Tables and/or our builders are not responsible for repairs if the furniture is outside the humidity range.


We understand that sometimes financial difficulties arise unexpectedly, therefore we allow a 3 day grace period to cancel your order for a full refund. If you cancel your order after 3 days you will be charged a 30% (of the furniture total) restocking fee. Amish Tables does not have the ability to stop an order once it has been put into production, and therefore absorbs the cost of the furniture. All cancellation requests must be given in writing and we will process your return within 10 business days of the request.

Returns and Refunds

Amish Tables operates on the principle that we seek to provide our customers with the highest quality Amish furniture. However, our refund amount is limited to the purchase price, minus shipping and discounts, if we cannot satisfactorily resolve a problem you have with your furniture. Because each piece of furniture is custom built we are unable to return it to the builder, therefore, if you decide to return your order after the order has been received you will be subject to a 30% restocking fee of the furniture total plus the cost of shipping. Custom furniture (i.e. any and all items with customized sizing, specialty staining/finishing techniques) and Clearance furniture cannot be returned unless received damaged. Your money will be refunded to your credit card once Amish Tables has received notification that your order has been picked up. You must notify Amish Tables in writing within 3 days of the receipt of the order.

Damage Claims

We request that you inspect your furniture in its entirety (packaging materials and the individual piece[s]). Any cosmetic damages (i.e., scratches, dents, nicks, etc.), must be reported at the time of delivery. Once our shipper leaves, we cannot be held liable for any cosmetic damages. Damages pertaining to the integrity of the piece (i.e., building errors, uneven staining, etc.) must be reported no later than 3 days after receipt of your order. We recommend having a camera and pen and paper ready when your order is delivered to record any potential damage issues. When possible we ask that any damage/issues be noted on the Bill of Lading paperwork. Photos will assist the claims process to happen more expediently. We are here to help with any questions you have and to help with the processing of your claim. Please submit all claim information to claims@amishtables.com.

Privacy & Security

AmishTables.com takes the responsible storing of your personal information seriously. We do not engage in the selling of any personal information to third parties. Your credit card is safety stored in our system in an encrypted format.