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We ship our handcrafted furniture to customers across the USA and internationally. To best serve the needs of our customers, we work with independent shippers and larger shipping companies. Shipping can be calculated for most of our products on our site through our Shopping Cart system. Also, we offer special shipping rates for orders within 50 miles of our showroom in Plymouth, MI. Contact a sales representative for special rates. 

Upon notification that your order is complete and ready for shipment, we will email you the information for the company that will be shipping your furniture. Before preparing your order for delivery, the shipping company inspects your furniture for any damage. When your order is ready to ship, you will receive a call or email from the company designated to ship your order with an estimated date of delivery.

Your furniture is fully insured by our shipping companies, and we work closely with them to ensure that your order arrives to you safely. Should damage occur during the course of packaging or shipping, we will work with our shippers and builders to help resolve the issue in the most expedient way possible. We will handle the damage claim to your satisfaction and with the high quality of customer service that we have become known for.

Click Delivery Options for specific information on our delivery methods. 

Inability to Deliver Your Furniture

For the safety of our delivery staff and your furniture, there are certain situations when we are unable to deliver to your designated area. This is a rare occurrence, but please note the following examples:
  • Due to an error in measuring, the piece does not fit in the area/room it was intended for.
  • Stairways are too constricted, which inhibits the proper handling of your piece(s).
  • Poorly maintained driveways, sidewalks, and stairways that are potentially dangerous for delivery personnel during delivery.
It is our goal to ensure your furniture is delivered in a way that is safe and expedited to the best of our ability. If for some reason our staff or our shipping companies feel they are unable to deliver your furniture without causing damage, you will be notified and will have the option of signing a waiver that releases the shipping company from any liability.