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How to order custom size dining tables ? 0

One of the things we most pride ourselves on at Amish Tables is the fact that every single table is a customized, hand-made table, created to suit every individual customer’s needs. We love the fact that each client has chosen the perfect size, shape, wood, color, stain and finish to suit their personal tastes and requirements. 

Bostonian Trestle Extension Table 

Naturally, that leads to us answering a lot of questions about how to choose the right custom size dining table. We get questions about everything from choosing the right shape, size and design, to how many extensions to order. Here are some of the most popular questions we get asked, and their answers. 

How do I choose the base size?

The two most important factors to consider when deciding on a table’s base size are how many people you will need to seat daily, and how much space you have available. On average, each person needs around 24 inches of space at a table. Take a look at our handy guide for choosing the perfect table size here. From this point, you can look at the styles you prefer and just how big you want to be able to get with extensions.


Artesa Single Pedestal Pub Table 

How do I choose a style?

When you’ve worked out what size your basic table needs to be, it’s time to look at styles, and see whether the styles you like come in those sizes. For example, our round tables come in a variety of base sizes of between 36 and 72 inches. However, not all the round tables come in all sizes, so it helps to choose a few styles you like and start narrowing down the search from there. It’s the same with square or rectangular tables. 

Should I choose a solid top or an extension table?

Most of our tables give you the option of choosing either a solid table top, or an extendable top that accommodates extensions. If you tend to have regular parties with plenty of guests, but an oversized dining table for regular use is just a space-thief, then go for an extension table. If you rarely host dinner parties, Thanksgiving dinners with the whole family, or other festivities, then a solid table top will do the job nicely. 

Westbrook Banquet Pedestal Extension Table

What’s the difference between an extension table, drop-leaf table and butterfly-leaf table?

An extension table has a segmented table top – and often segmented pedestals too – that splits in two and allows you to add sections of table top. This allows for a temporary increase in table size as and when needed. Depending on the style you choose, you can get up to 12 extensions with this kind of table, allowing for several extra guests. Depending on your requirements, the extra segments can be stored inside the table itself, or separately in a closet.


Drop Leaf Extension Leg Table 

A drop-leaf table also has a segmented top, but one of the segments is hinged and can de dropped down to reduce the size of the table top, thereby saving space. The drop-leaf, or the segment that hinges down, is permanently attached to the table. These tables are usually suited for smaller homes or families, who may need to reduce their table size daily after use, or for people who don’t need a very large table, but would like to occasionally accommodate an extra two to three guests.


Ensenada Pub Extension Table 

A butterfly-leaf table is structured similarly to a regular extension table, except that the extensions are hinged in the center, making them neat and compact, and either fold away into the table quickly and easily, or can be stored separately. 

How many extensions should I choose?

Each extension is usually 12 inches wide, giving you a total of 24 inches of extra table space – in other words, room for one extra person (or two, if you don’t mind getting closer!). While you could be tempted to choose the maximum number of extensions in anticipation of massive family gatherings or dinner parties, be realistic with how many you will need. If you frequently have eight or ten extra guests, then by all means, set your table up to host fourteen people, but if you realistically only ever have two to four guests over, get two to four extensions.




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How to Choose the Perfect Dining Chair Upholstery ? 0


Alana Dining Chair

One of the best things about custom-made furniture is making it your own, customizing it to be exactly as you want it, from the type and color of the wood, to the finishes, paints and stains, all the way to the perfect upholstery that suits your tastes and needs. But what are the factors you need to consider when choosing upholstery? This handy guide will take you through the most important questions to ask.

1 – Can it handle your activity levels?


Kalispel Dining Chair

Fabric for furniture upholstery is generally created to be hard-working and tough – or at least, tougher than fabric used for clothing. It has to support the weight of people ranging from little kids to fully grown adults, and it needs to look good for as long as possible.

That said, there are degrees of hardiness for fabrics, and you need to consider your family’s activity levels before choosing. If you use your dining table and chairs every day for all your meals, doing homework, crafting, and a host of other activities, you need to choose from the tougher fabrics, to prevent premature wear and tear. If, however, you use the dining room once a week for Sunday dinner, then you’re probably ok choosing from the more delicate fabrics.


Olson Dining Chair

Top Tip: We always recommend choosing more hard-wearing fabrics – remember, your Amish table and chairs are designed to last for generations, so choose wisely! Order samples of your favorites from us to get a feel for their durability.

2 – Is it easy to clean?

Cleaning your upholstery properly depends heavily on the type of fabric that’s used. Leather needs different care to suede, velvet finishes need different care to cotton fabrics. Do your research on just what type and frequency of cleaning your chosen upholstery will need before choosing.


Kimberly Dining Chair 

Upholstery will usually need to be cleaned anywhere between every three months and once a year, depending again on how hard-working the chairs are. If you have young children who tend to spill food often, it’s worth considering upholstery that can be easily wiped down, like leather or faux leather. If your dining room will primarily be used by adults, or if the children don’t spill that often any more, then you can comfortably expand your options to include fancier, designer fabrics. 

Top tip: Read our blog on how to clean your upholstery to get a good idea of what each kind of cover entails. 

3 – Should you choose a solid color or pattern?


Bradbury Dining Chair 

The look of the upholstery is a matter of choice and personal style, but there are still a few things to consider. For a high-traffic dining room, where seats might start to look dirty quickly, it helps to choose darker upholstery colors, or to choose patterns that are more forgiving of spills and messes. You will still need to deep-clean these from time to time, though. 

When choosing solid colors or patterns, consider the rest of your dining room’s design. If you are outfitting the room from scratch, see if you can find curtain fabric in the same color or pattern, or try to match or complement existing curtains, rugs, carpets and other fabrics.


Evergreen Dining Chair 

Top Tip: Your Amish dining room furniture is made to last a lifetime, but upholstery can be replaced easily if it gets damaged or you grow tired of the design. This is one area where you can play around a little, as it is much easier – and less expensive – to re-upholster the chairs than it is to replace the whole set. Take some time to look at all the upholstery options available from our suppliers, Greenhouse Fabrics and Heartland Fabrics.
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The Table Top Shape Guide 0

Dining tables are super-functional – they’re there to serve you for decades with their solid, hard-working tops and sturdy legs that will hopefully see generations enjoying their meals and work around them. Every table is unique, each one suited for the family that owns it; that’s possibly why there are just so many different table top shapes available. 

When you think of dining table tops, I’ll bet you immediately think “round or rectangle”, and yes, those are the two most common, classic shapes you’ll find. But that doesn’t mean you’re restricted to those! There are several different table top shapes that you can choose from to make sure your dinging table is just as special and unique as your family. We’re taking a look at the six most popular shapes among our customers. 

1 – Round/oval


Stanton Pub Table 

A round table top is a classic shape, simple and elegant. These tables work in both small and large sizes, although they are most often found in homes that need to seat between two and eight people. Round tables are ideal for square rooms, where all four walls are of equal length, because they allow for easy movement around the table, making for more convenient serving. A round table also gives an atmosphere of equality and encourages conversation. If you choose a round table with extensions, you will end up with an oval-shaped table at full extension.


2 – Round Drop Leaf


Drop Leaf Single Pedestal Extension Table

A variation on the straightforward round table, the drop leaf table has a section that can be folded down, both giving you a different dining table shape and allowing for easy storage, especially in a smaller room. 

3 – Rectangle/square


Vienna Trestle Extension Table 

Another simple and classic shape, the square or rectangle table top shape is great for anything from four to fourteen people – and even more! These dining table tops are easy to place, and make the most of your table top surface area. 

4 – Banquet Top


Chancellor Double Pedestal Extension Table 

A banquet top table top shape is similar in general shape to a rectangle table, but the two ends have rounded corners. These corners are significantly more rounded than just a softening of the corner, but aren’t quite round enough to make the table oval-shaped. This is a very elegant and sophisticated shape. 

5 – Boat Shape


Cameron Trestle Extension Table 

Another interesting take on the combination of shapes, the boat shape dining table top is a rectangle, with the two longer sides bowed outward, creating the look of the inside of a fishing boat. This shape maximizes the dining table top’s surface area, making it perfect for those family gatherings where many dishes are served, piled high on the table together. 

6 – Fan Shape


 Fan Executive Conference Table 

There’s nothing quite like a table that’s shape you can play around with. Of course, there are extension tables that give you extra length, but a fan-shaped table is one of the most fun. Because the table is made up of four separate quarter-circle pieces, you can have everything from a completely round table to a half-circle to an S-shape to a wavy, curved line. You can even split it up into two separate tables – it all depends on the occasion and your needs. 

When choosing a dining table top shape for your home, think about your needs as they are now, and as they will be in a few years’ time. And always try to have a little fun with your Amish table – it’s going to last you a lifetime, so make sure it’s one you’re going to love for life.







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The Guide to Amish Farm Tables 0

The history of the Pennsylvania Dutch, or Amish and Mennonite communities is intricately linked with the history of the United States, where this group of devout people sought refuge during the eighteenth century and where they live and thrive to this day. One of the principles of Amish life is that they are not a frivolous society, nor are they a throw-away society, and many of the pieces of furniture made by Amish craftsmen are built to last several generations.


Madison Leg Extension Table 

A traditional Amish Farm Table is more than just a dining table – it is a table at which long conversations are held, meals are served, work of all sorts is done, prayer meetings are held, and where the community makes some of its most important decisions. When the weather is good, you can often find an Amish Farm Table outdoors, groaning under the weight of fresh produce and hosting everything from potlucks to weddings. 

Newbury Leg Extension Table 

Amish Farm Tables are not small tables for small groups, nor are they delicate, flimsy things. They are strong, sturdy, crafted with love and care, and designed to hold as many people as you can possibly fit around it. So how do you know if the table you are considering buying is suited for Amish farm life? Well, you need to check these details: 

1 – The Wood

An Amish Farm Table will be made with the best possible quality of wood, preferably good, solid hardwood. Hardwoods last hundreds of years if they are well taken care of, and longevity is a prized quality among the Amish when it comes to their farm tables.


2 – Quality of manufacture

Because these tables are expected to do decades worth of hard work, each table needs to be manufactured as well as possible. They are hand-made, with every single piece of wood, every dowel, bracket and nail being carefully and accurately inserted by the maker. There is no mass-production when making Amish Farm Tables.


Traditional Leg Extension Table 

3 – The Style

The Amish refer to themselves as Plain folk, because excessive decoration is considered frivolous and unnecessary. That extends to their furniture, too. If the farm table you’re looking at is heavily decorated, it’s not Amish! Sturdiness is more important that fashion, and hard work more prized than attractiveness.


4 – The Manufacturer

It may sound obvious, but you can really only be sure that your table is genuine Amish Farm Table if it is made by an Amish craftsman.


West Lake Leg Extension Table 

5 – The Size

A small table that seats two to four people isn’t a farm table. Of course, you can get Amish-made dining tables, work tables and many others that are smaller and suited for your space, but if it’s a farm table, it needs to seat at least ten people, and preferably more. 

Amish Farm Tables are a perfect addition to any home that needs a hard-working, solid piece of furniture that can handle heavy duty. From being able to handle some exposure to weather, to having extensions to make it as long as needed, to holding a family history in itself like a cherished secret, an Amish Farm Table is there for a lifetime and more
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How to select the best bed for your room ? 0


Marshfield Bed 

Every room in your home has its own unique purpose, and every piece of furniture in that room needs to suit your style, budget and comfort needs as well as possible, or you’re going to be uncomfortable and unhappy – no matter how good it looks. Nowhere is that more important that in your bedroom – specifically, your bed. The wrong mattress, the wrong support and the wrong size can all make sleeping a supremely unpleasant experience, and considering we should be spending at least six to eight hours sleeping each day, that can result in a whole lot of time spent in discomfort. 

So what are you supposed to do when choosing a bed? After all, there’s more to it than just getting a good, firm mattress – you want it to look good, too and hopefully be part of your furnishings for a few years. 

1 – The mattress

The very first thing to do when choosing a bed, is to establish what mattress you will get with it. You need to make sure it is of good quality and is going to be comfortable. That means the right hardness or softness, good back support and the right amount of movement.


Rosemont Bed 

2 – Size considerations

Yes, we probably do say this in every single article, but measuring the room and establishing exactly how much room you have for the bed is critical. You want to be sure the bed is large enough for comfort, and also that there will still be enough room to move around in once the bed’s in place. So measure the room, work out your placement and confirm what size bed you can comfortably accommodate. Remember also that the bed itself will be larger than the standard mattress sizes and that custom beds like those you can buy from Amish Tables can vary. Make sure that the supplier gives clear measurements of the bed’s various size options.


Flush Mission Bed 

3 – Quality of manufacture

When you think of beds, you don’t really think of them as very active places – sleep is pretty calm, after all. But if you think about it, even the calmest sleeper moves around during the night, and beds are not exclusively used for peaceful sleeping, either. You need to be sure your bed can stand up to several hours of nighttime movement as well as occasional vigorous activity, so it has to be well constructed and unlikely to collapse under you. Don’t be afraid to ask for referrals and testimonials, or to view examples of the company’s manufacturing standards. Also, find out about quality guarantees!


Venice Bed 

4 – Style and design

Whether you like things clean and simple, or prefer ornate, chunky or rustic looking furniture, choosing a style is very personal. It does help if the manufacturer of quality furniture has a few ranges to choose from. Always consider future furnishing requirements, as well. You may only be buying a bed today, but soon you may want a complementary dresser or nightstands, and if there are matching pieces on offer, it makes life a whole lot easier. If you are choosing custom stains, finishes and woods, like we offer, make sure you keep a note of what you chose, so that it’s easier to match up later.

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Going Big – your guide to large dining tables 0

Amish life is a very different way of life to modern life – we all know this in theory, but consider this – the average modern family in the USA has just two children, while the average Amish family has six children, sometimes even as many as nine. That makes for large family mealtimes, and even larger gatherings of extended family and friends – which means there’s nobody who knows about large, easily extended dining tables like the Amish.


Hartford Trestle Table 

Whether you have a big family of your own, or need a regular-sized table that can be extended out for holidays, dinner parties and any other occasions that need you to accommodate fourteen or more people, there are a few things you should bear in mind when purchasing your large Amish dining table. Besides the usual admonishments to take care when choosing your wood, stain or finish, here are some things to check before clicking “pay now”.

Table shape and size


Monteray Split Pedestal Extension Table


Extension tables come in both rectangular and round tables and most of our extension tables can seat fourteen or even more people when they are fully expanded. When you’re considering your table, however, it helps to think of how it’s going to be used for everyday purposes, like regular family dinners. For a small family of two to four people, a smaller, round table is ideal, as it doesn’t take up too much space, while a family of six, for example, might be better served with a longer, rectangular table. It all depends on your space and what you like. 

Space accommodations



While everyday use should be your first consideration, you do also need to make sure that your fully-extended large Amish dining room table will fit into the space allocated for it – which doesn’t necessarily have to be the same space. If you have a small dining room that can fit a table for four comfortably, but not much else, consider where you would put the table for big parties. Do you have a porch, a large living room, or somewhere else that could handle an extended table? 

The chair situation


Heidi Leg Extension Table

Of course, you want to have matching chairs whether your table is in its compact or extended state, so make sure you order enough chairs, and also that you have suitable storage space for the extras when not in use. 

Ongoing care


Traditional Double Pedestal Extension Table

One of the biggest mistakes you can make when getting an extension table is uneven maintenance. Remember, even though the extensions are safely stowed away, they also need regular care, whether you oil, wax or polish your table. Also, remember that if your table is exposed to plenty of sunlight, its color is going to change at a faster rate than the extensions that are stored in the dark. The same goes for any other exposure that can age the wood, the varnish or the finish, and all of this obviously applies to the extra chairs that are stored away as well. Your best bet is to keep your table in an area where it doesn’t get constant exposure to sunlight, wind or other elements, and to take out and polish up the extensions and extra chairs every time you do the same for your table. 

A large Amish-made dining table – especially an extension table – is going to serve you well for the next several decades, so it pays to get one that will work for you now and in the future. Choose wisely, and don’t be afraid to ask the supplier for help and advice. At Amish Tables, we’re always ready to answer any questions you may have, or provide you with wood, stain, finish and even upholstery samples.



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