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Accent Furniture to Complete the Room

Amish Tables Solid Wood Accent Dining Furniture

Why choose a buffet or sideboard for your space?  Adding a well chosen accent piece can be just the thing to complete your room.  Not only can it allow for additional storage and serving space, it can help complete the style you are trying to achieve in your space.  

The Many Styles of Dining Storage

Amish Sideboard and Amish Furniture Hutch

These classic pieces are composed of a top hutch and bottom buffet and range in width anywhere from 40" - 72".  They are the perfect solution to add more space to a room, since they have storage on top and bottom.  

This refers to the bottom portion of the hutch or a stand alone piece that is slightly taller than your table and offers both storage and a lot of open serving space. 

A smaller and more narrow designed piece that offers less storage but is perfect for smaller spaces. Traditionally designed specifically as a serving space with doors and drawers to store flatware and serving pieces. 

Leaf Storage Cabinets
Perfect for the storage of your extra table extensions, which for some of our tables can be considerable.  But these pieces can also be perfect for storing large serving items as they are an entirely open cabinet. 

Which Piece is Right for Your Home?

Amish Hutch Pictured in Home

You have already selected your table and chairs, now what about the accent piece?  You will want to consider a couple things to help narrow down which piece might work best for you. 

1) Where does the accent piece need to sit in the room?  Is there room for a tall piece or does it need to be more diminutive?  

Keep in mind you will need to have enough of a walk way between the storage piece and your table and chairs if they will be close by each other. 

2) What do you need most: serving space, storage space, or a combination of both? 

If you need more storage, try getting the largest case piece your room will allow.  If serving space is what you need, than a buffet or sideboard will be a better choice. 

You could also get creative and mix and match pieces in the room.  Find a similar styled bookcase or curio for storage purposes and pair it with a sideboard. There are not right or wrong answers when putting a room together.  It is about you and your style to make your space functional and beautiful.

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Table Tuesday: Westin Single Pedestal {new!}

Amish Tables Westin Single Pedestal Table

The Westin Single Pedestal table is dramatic new look.  The stunning base and 1.25" thick top makes this piece perfect for a contemporary home.  Available in 3 different sizes and up to 2 extensions, makes it perfect for intimate gatherings. 

View the Table: Westin Pedestal Table

We recommend pairing the table with the Lacombe chairs and the Imperial Wine Cabinet for a complete dining set. 

This set is pictured in Brown Maple with the Golden Brown stain and burnishing. It can be ordered in most of our standard wood types and stains. 

New in Dining Room Storage

We have added two new pieces to our Dining Room Storage collection!  

The Highland Hutch 

Featuring beautiful sliding glass doors and a contemporary flair.  It would compliment a wide variety of our tables and chairs.  

Amish Tables Solid Wood Contemporary Hutch

The Imperial Wine Cabinet 

For those who love to entertain, this is the perfect piece to store and serve! Featuring pullout trays, glass storage and your entertaining accessories.  Choosing your own wood and stain will make this piece truly yours. 

 Amish Tables Solid Wood Wine Cabinet

Table Tuesday: Heidi Dining Set

Amish Tables Heidi Extension Dining Set

The Heidi Leg Table has a casual mission look.  With a simple arched skirt and 3" square post legs, it provides a sturdy place for family meals, homework and game nights!   This table can come with up to 12 extensions, for a maximum of 18' of space, so there is room for everyone.

View the Table: Heidi Leg Extension Table

We recommend pairing the table with the Houghton Chairs which is a customer favorite for style and comfort.

This set is pictured in Quarter Sawn White Oak, but can be ordered in any of our standard wood types and finishes. 

Table Tuesday: Newbury Dining Set

The Newbury Leg Table is a customer favorite! The transitional style can be dressed up or casual, to fit in with a wide variety of homes! This table is perfect for every day or entertaining, seating as few as 6 and up to 20! 

View the Table: Newbury Leg Table

We recommend pairing the table with the Newbury Chairs and the Newbury Extendable Bench for a complete look.

This set is pictured in Brown Maple with a two tone stain, but can be ordered in any of our standard wood types and stains. 

Finding the Perfect Chair to Match Your Table

After selecting your table style and considering the finishing options, the next step in is to select your seating. Your seating will not only further convey the style you are going for, but is of course also functional. 

The Right Style 

When selecting a chair style, we consider the lines and style of the table or other furnishings in the room to the lines of the chair.  

If your table is more of a Mission or Arts & Crafts style, a chair that is more upright, with straighter lines, slatted backs and cross bracing under the seat.  

Examples: Arts and Crafts Chair, Williamsburg Chair, McCoy Dining Chair

A Contemporary or Transitional styled table would be complimented by chairs that are more simple in detail and with soft curved lines.

Examples: Parkland Chair, Hawthorne Chair

A Formal dining table would be further accented by fully upholstered dining chairs or chairs with more ornate details in their backs or legs.  

Examples: Callahan Chair, Kimberly Chair

For a Country look, chairs that are characterized by turned legs and curved backs would work well. 

Examples: Bent Paddle Chair, Parkway Dining Chair


Sizing Considerations

When looking at chairs, you will want to consider the dimensions of the chair itself.  If your dining space is an open space in your kitchen or adjoining room, selecting a style with a slightly shorter back will not take up as much visual space.  For a separate dining room, you can go with taller backs and arm chairs at each end.  

You will also want to consider the dining space and traffic patterns.  If your space is more compact, you could consider using benches along one or both sides.  Alternately, you could set the table with seating along each side and not at the ends.  

For more information on our different chair styles and a little history of the styles, check out our blog series: Take A Seat.

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