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We had an outstanding experience

Amish Arts and Crafts Dining Table and Chairs

We want to thank you for all of your assistance in the purchase and delivery of our table and 10 chairs.  The set is beautiful and the quality is truly top notch!  It is exactly what we wanted for our new home and everyone that has seen it is amazed at the quality of the workmanship and beauty of the finish.  But we also want to express our gratitude for the excellent customer service we received throughout the process.  Thank you again for an outstanding experience!  

Linda and Rick 
Okatie, South Carolina

One Dining Table, Two Different Designs

Our Baytown Double Pedestal has been a best seller since our builder came up with the design.  The classic style is accentuated with with simple but elegant details like the gentle curves of the base and waterfall edge.  We have seen customers pair the table with mission, traditional and contemporary pieces.  It has been ordered in every wood type and a wide variety of stains and finishes.  It has been received with joy through the years.  Since this table can be ordered with up to 12 extensions, there is room for everyone at holidays, family dinners, birthdays and more.  

We used this popular table to showcase two different styles as an inspiration for all those planning to update their dining rooms. 

Classic Dining Room 


Chic Dining Room 


Which design is your favorite? What would you add or change? The beauty of being able to order your pieces is that you can truly make them original through your wood type, stain, edge style and size choices. 

If you have questions about this table or any of our products, our knowledgeable sales staff would be happy to assist you! 


Pinterest's Hottest New Color

The word on the street, {no offense to Pantone's Marsala}, is that the real color of the year is Greige! A combination of grey and beige. Country Living explains more here. But this color is supposed to be soothing to the eyes and has been dubbed "the hottest neutral" but HGTV.   

We love this color because the beautiful wood tones play so beautifully off it, making them look rich and full of life.  But maybe you have more monochromatic style, then nature has provided the perfect embodiment of this color in natural walnut.  We put together an Amish Tables "Greige Inspiration Board" for you! 

Enjoy life AT Home! 

From the Recipe Box

Chocolate Kiss Powder Puff Cookies

It is that time of year again and the kids are heading back to school. Why not welcome them home with these easy 3 ingredient cookies!  They are as simple as chocolate kisses, refrigerated pie dough and confectioners sugar. They are ready to be served in as little as 45 mins (which includes cooling time). 

What are your favorite treats to serve as welcome home snacks for your children?  Share a recipe with us! Email orders(at)amishtables(dot)com with your recipe and a photo to be added to the Recipe Box posts! 

Find this recipe and many others on our Pinterest board:
Food & Drink

Style Spotlight: Sleigh Beds

The Old Classic Sleigh and the Urban Sleigh Beds are two popular beds at Amish Tables! 

The Old Classic Sleigh is lovely in Cherry or Quarter Sawn White Oak for a more traditional, welcoming look.  This bed can be ordered from twin to Califorina King and has an optional low footboard.  View this bed.

While its contemporary counterpart, the Urban Sleigh brings a more modern style and is frequently requested in Brown Maple or Rustic Cherry in darker tones like Asbury or Rich Tobacco.  View this Bed.

Our beds are made in the USA with expert craftsmanship. The headboard and footboard panels as well as cross rails are mortised into the post for the strongest joint possible. Side rails are 1" thick and attach to headboard and footboard with a USA made cast aluminum bracket with a dovetail pocket to hold the cross slats. As with all our furniture, we use solid hardwoods to provide you a durable and well-crafted piece of furniture, no matter what room of the home you purchase for. 


Entertaining: Host a Beautiful Sunday Brunch

When we think of parties we most often think of Friday or Saturday evenings, heavy foods, wine, and desserts.  But what about a get together in the morning?  Why not invite your friends over in a whole new menu and enjoy the sunshine.  Here are some tips for hosting brunch. The best part of a morning soiree is that a lot of the prep-work can done the night before and is one less thing to tackle in the morning. Splitting up the work between two days, can also make the actual event more enjoyable for the host/ hostess.


Whether large or small, formal or casual everyone loves receiving invites.  But you don't have to do printed and mailed invites if you don't want to or if time is short!  With online party planning websites, you can invite your guests (and track responses) online.  One of our favorite sites is: www.punchbowl.com.




When hosting brunch, think light and airy, soft or bright colors.  It can be as simple as everyday-ware with a rustic urn of flowers gathered from your garden.  Fine china and linen napkins would be lovely for a more formal brunch.  We gathered some inspirational photos for you on our Pinterest board


This of course is dependent on size of your party, personal tastes and again whether you are hosting brunch that is a more formal or casual affair.  But here are some ideas to get you started.

Eggs For Each:  Use your muffin pan to create individual egg cups for each person! There are lots of recipes and variations.  This recipe includes bacon, toast and eggs.  You could also try prosciutto, pesto, tomatoes and some Parmesan cheese.  Serve these egg cups with some rosemary baked diced potatoes and you are sure to have a thankful crowd.
French Toast Casserole: The wonderful thing about breakfast casseroles is that many of them can be prepared the night before (like this one from the Food Network). Of course this would be wonderful served alongside some breakfast meat and either eggs or hash browns!  This is a favorite of ours for brunches for a crowd. 
Continental for a Crowd: You could also provide guests with a buffet of options from home-baked goods like muffins and breads, bagels, fruit salad with a yogurt dip, crepes, doughnuts and even yogurt & granola!  This would be great for a group that really wants to mingle or if you are short on seating.


Set up a drink station for guests to help themselves to beverages.  If you set it up as more of a self-serve bar, this will allow you more time to mingle or put the finishing touches on serving the meal.  Here are some ideas for different drinks to serve:
Coffee Bar: complete with cream, sugar, chocolate syrup (it's a party), whipped cream, cups, & stirrers
Mimosa Bar: Let adult guests make their own Mimosa's.  Set the bar with champagne and different juices like: Pomegrante, Orange, Mango, Pineapple.  You can also put out some orange flavored liquor as well.  Don't forget some fruit for garnishing their creations.
Smoothie Bar: Set up your blender and some smoothie recipes and let some adult participants man the mixing for you!  Smoothies are a great addition to any brunch and if kids are in attendance, they usually will enjoy this special & sweet shake.


Turn on some music for you and your guests, welcome your guests and enjoy the fruits of your labor!

For your Friday

Almost the weekend! We have some fun for your Friday afternoon.

Product Highlight
The favorite product for this week is: The Vienna Trestle Table
Our customers love the look of this rustic trestle table. It can extend from 6 feet to 10 feet with three 16" extensions. The thick planked top is the perfect compliment to the unique base that features unique iron bolt details. We think this table would be perfect in Rustic Cherry with saw marks for a truly rustic look.

Helpful & Healthy
Schools out, summer is almost here. Do you struggle with lunch ideas? Verily Magazine posted 11 great ideas for easy lunches that are flavorful and pack a nutritional punch. Read more about it here: 11 Fresh & Flavorful Lunches

Weekend Cocktails
Have friends coming over this weekend? Why not serve them a refreshing cocktail? This one features a homemade lemonade with vodka. Add mint, raspberry or thyme for an even more unique drink.  Recipe here: Homemade Lemonade Cocktail.

Have a great weekend!


Take A Seat: Shaker Chair Styles

Continuing in our Take A Seat series, we will be looking at Shaker Chair Styles.

This distinct style was developed by American Shaker communities, beginning in the late 18th century. The designs were inspired by the ascetic religious beliefs of the members, which required communal living in linear, symmetrical structures that were sparsely furnished, and full of natural light. In Shaker buildings, furniture and architecture served the same common goal: a simple, well-ordered life. Shaker furniture is characterized by its simplicity and innovative joinery, with an emphasis on functionality and fine craftsmanship, rather than ornamentation.

Shakers made furniture for their own use, and also sold to the public. Shaker style was a source of inspiration for numerous modern furniture designers throughout the 20th century and continues to be popular today. Traditionally, shaker style chairs were made out of smooth hardwoods such as cherry and maple. Amish Tables has several Shaker chair styles, such as the Old Arlington Dining Chair and Jackson Dining Chair. Pair either of these chairs with the Shaker Mission Table or the Gathering Table for a tranquil dining space of your own.

Take A Seat: Mission Chair Styles

For our Take a Seat blog series, we will be taking a look at Mission Chair Styles.

Mission style furniture originated in America in the late 19th century, and although the term was derived from Spanish Missions in colonial California, the style has little in common with the original colonial furnishings. The designs are characterized by horizontal and vertical lines, and free from ornamentation. The minimal nature of this style was a popular alternative to ornate Victorian furnishings. Mission furniture showcases wood’s natural characteristics and graining, particularly oak varieties.

The Mission style continues to be popular today and is still appreciated for its simplicity, stability, and craftsmanship. Traditionally, this furniture was made for houses designed in the Mission style, thereby creating a unified architecture and interior, but today the style is also at home in the eclectic interior together with other revival styles. Amish Tables has many fine-crafted mission chair styles to choose from. For dining, we recommend the Bostonian Dining Chair or Williamsburg Dining Chair paired with the Bostonian Trestle Table or Aspen Trestle Table for a look that is beautifully handcrafted.

How To: Pairing the Perfect Dining Room Set

When it is time to begin the search for a complete dining room set, the task may seem a little daunting.  In a previous post, we shared some essential tips on How To Choose a Table Style. Now we would like to build upon that post with more tips to consider when pairing dining room sets, to ensure your dining room will look cohesive and beautiful.

Consider the Space and Function: First, let's answer some basic questions.  How large is your room? Is it a closed dining room? Or a space that is attached to another room that is more open and airy?   How would you like your room to function?  Is this an every day eating area or is it used primarily for formal affairs?  What pieces need to be housed in this area?  Thinking critically about your space will ensure that you do not over purchase furniture and will also help you conceptualize what pieces would best fit.  

Example: Daily Dining Space
If your space is going to be used daily by a lot of people, you want to make sure you select a table large and sturdy enough to accommodate daily usage.  You probably don't want too many large case pieces that can make the space feel cluttered.

Example: Formal Dining Area
When setting up a formal dining room area, this can be everything from minimal to packed, depending on the types of gatherings you have.  But generally, you would have a larger table, chairs, and one or two case pieces like a sideboard and hutch.  These items not only help in storing dishes and serving ware used for entertaining, but can also be used as places to put food and drinks during a meal or party.

Pair Cohesive Styles 


After you have decided on how you want to use your space, now it is time to begin looking at furniture pieces.  It might be easiest for you to select a table style that suits your needs and then look at pairing it with chairs and case pieces.

Our Take a Seat series that looks at chair styles will be helpful.   If your table and space lend itself to a more Mission or Arts and Crafts style, then look for hutches or sideboards that have straighter lines, reverse panels and mullions on the doors.  Examples of this would be the Arlington Hutch or Brunswick High Buffet.  For transitional spaces that would house a Georgetown or Ethan leg style table, consider case pieces like the Burlington Buffet or or the Ethan Hutch.  For eclectic spaces with antique store finds and hand me downs, the Stowell, Brookline Hoosier or Pottery Cabinet would fit in just fine.  If your space is more modern and minimal, the Carson, Cameron or Manhattan are perfect choices.

Measure, Measure, Measure 

One of the best tips we can share for helping pair the perfect dining room sets is to make sure you take a lot of accurate measurements.  We recommend leaving an extra 24" around your table to allow for sitting at the table.  Beyond this, 18" or more for a walkway.  To get a good sense of this, you can tape off the estimated size of your table and the 24" extra perimeter with newspaper or painters' tape, so you can see how much space this is.  Then look at your room and see where the best place is for a hutch or buffet.  Try to remember and think about the flow of the room.  Where is the most open space that when hutch doors are open, it will not obstruct a walkway.  This will allow the room to be usable everyday and during busy parties.  You can also tape off where the buffet or other furniture pieces will be and this will give you a complete visual when planning your space.