Not so long ago, the family dinner was an institution in our society. Every night, parents would gather with their children in the dining room to enjoy a meal and quality family time together.

In today’s world, there is so much more demand on our time and attention, and the family dinner has become a rarity – even though there has been thorough research on the importance of families sharing meals together and taking the time out their days to reconnect with one another. What can we do to bring our families back to the table?

Make room for the dining room

Eating together as a family has fallen to the wayside so much, that many people are leaving dining rooms out of their homes altogether and using the space for other purposes, such as home offices or recreational rooms.

The first step in getting back to the integral tradition of family meals is by designing your home (and most importantly, your dining room) around your life and family. You want to create a warm and welcoming environment – a space where your family can share food and conversations around the table, even if you choose a more formal and elegant style of furniture.

Offer everyone their own space

Whether you have a large or small dining area in your home, you want to make sure that everyone feels as if they have their own space – this means dealing with any possibility of overcrowding.

When you’re purchasing your dining room furniture, be sure to take detailed and accurate measurements, and look for a dining room table that fits the room and your family in both size and style. You want family and friends who enter your dining room to feel as if someone (if tables and chairs could only talk…) is telling them, “Come on in, have a seat, and stay awhile!”

Choose a family-friendly style

No matter what type of décor you may have in the rest of your home, the dining room should be a welcoming and open area. The dining table will be the centerpiece of this family-friendly area, and should be chosen to fit the room, as well as your family’s lifestyle.

Dining room chairs should offer a supportive and comfortable place to gather around the table, and can be a great way to add some style and personality to the room. You can choose quality hardwood chairs to match the table, and add a touch of color and comfort with the addition of some seat cushions in your chosen color scheme.

You might also consider adding framed family photos to the wall, and potted plants to a corner or two. These simple additions can really open up a room and give it a warm and inviting feel.

Taking the time to design your dining room with your family in mind is a great way to encourage more family meals, as well as quality time together, and can lead to the rewarding result of many happy memories for years to come.

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