Our furniture glossary defines common furniture terms to help you better understand our products.

Furniture shopping doesn’t have to be confusing. But with so many different options available, it can be tough to navigate all the furniture terms out there. That’s why we’ve created this handy furniture glossary to help you in your shopping experience. In our glossary of furniture terms, you’ll learn the meaning of everything from distressing to trestle to curbside delivery to improve your understanding of our products.


This specialty technique uses a darker stain applied to the edges of the furniture item to give it an aged look. 


Butterfly Leaf

Some of our tables come with a butterfly leaf. This is an especially designed leaf that folds in half and then stores inside of the table.


Center Support Legs

Center support legs are added to leg style tables when a certain number of extensions are ordered. These legs can be removed when the extensions are not in use. They are inserted with a bolt and nut into a mounting plate underneath the tabletop. This plate is visible when the table is open to insert the extensions.



Corner Braces

Used in tables and certain chair styles to add additional support and reinforcement.


Curbside Delivery

This delivery type is made by freight truck, with one driver. All our shipments come with a lift-gate so the furniture can be lowered to the ground. The customer is responsible It is the customer's responsibility to take the furniture inside the home. Some pieces may require assembly (tables, hutches, corner desks, beds, etc.). We recommend having at least one other person at the delivery to help unload/assist with bringing in the furniture. The driver does not assist.

Dining Nooks

A combination of benches and a table to make a corner dining area. These are usually fairly customizable to allow to fit into your space. They also can come with storage and/or upholstery on the benches.



This specialty technique is when the furniture is distressed before it is finished to look like it has been used or give it a more rustic look with denting, nicks, pinholes, eased edges, etc. It is a random and subjective process.


Double Pedestal

The Double Pedestal style is similar to the single pedestal, but has two pedestals centered in under the table top. The pedestals are sometimes connected by a stretcher bar and sometimes not.

Drop Down Legs

Drop down legs are additional legs used on double pedestal and trestle styles when more than 4 extensions are ordered to help support the ends of the table.


Edge Style

This is the shape of the table edge. We have a variety of edges that can be chosen: Mission, Ogee, Roundover Bevel, Underbevel and Waterfall. Some styles are not available on certain tables depending on their style while other tables come with their own edge style that is table specific.



Extensions or table leaves are cut to fit each table and receive a numeric order for easy and proper installation.


For our items that offer upholstery, we offer two different sources for fabric: Heartland Fabrics / Greenhouse Fabrics. Or you can submit your own fabric.

Geared Slides

High quality gear slides provide ease in opening and closing the table tops while providing the convenience of self leaf storage on many table designs.



A glaze is similar to burnishing. It is a specialty technique that is applied over the stain or paint to accentuates the finer details and give it an aged look.



Hardwoods are the a beautiful expression of nature. And thanks to responsible stewardship of America’s hardwood forestlands, their supply is abundant and perpetually renewing. Just as each tree is different from the next, so, too, are hardwood products individually unique. Hardwoods are characterized by an infinite variety of grains, distinctive textures and natural markings.


Solid wood furniture will expand and contract with changes in humidity and temperature, even after protective finishes have been applied. We recommend using care in controlling the furniture’s environment will help minimize the minor cracking and warping that is a natural part of the wood’s character. Indoor humidity should be kept in the 35 to 40 percent range to minimize these effects. If the humidity moves out of the ideal range, solid wood tabletops can expand or contract causing a gap in the center or at the ends where the two halves meet.


A special detail of walnut or contrasting stained wood inlayed into the table for added design.

Inside Delivery

This delivery type is made by two delivery personnel from a company that specializes in home delivery. The truck will have a ramp or lift-gate. The two men will carry the furniture to the room(s) requested and set up and assemble (when needed) the furniture. They will remove the packaging materials as well.


Table leaves or extensions are cut to fit each table and receive a numeric order for easy and proper installation. They fit together tightly with traditional pin and hole construction.


Leg Table

Probably the most common of table styles, the Leg style has a leg supporting each corner it is also makes this style the sturdiest.

Low Sheen

This refers to the sheen of the top coat used. Our standard top coat has a more Satin sheen. Our low sheen offers a more matte finish.


Matte Finish

This refers to the sheen of the top coat used. Our standard top coat has a more Satin sheen. Our low sheen offers a more matte finish.


Mortise and Tenon

Mortise and Tenon construction adds strength to each piece’s design while preserving the fine detail of its design.



The pedestal style has a pedestal centered in the middle of the table that supports the top.

Planked Top

A planked top offers a more rustic and casual look. The plank top offers a thicker top, grooved boards and breadboard ends. For most of our planked top styles, you can choose a 1” thick smooth top if you would prefer.


Rub Through

This is a specialty technique that is most often done with painted furniture, but can be done with stained pieces as well. The paint is rubbed off on the edges and in specific areas (like table and chair legs), to give it a more rustic and used/worn look.

rub through

Saw Marks

This specialty technique is generally done on planked top tables. The builder uses a saw to roughen the surface of the table in random spots to give a more rustic look and feel to the table top. The Vienna table has this detail. We do not recommend this on smooth top (i.e. not planked top tables).


Self Storage



The band of wood that is underneath the tabletop or extension which wraps around the table and offers additional support and conceals the parts of the table like the slides.


Smooth Top

The majority of our tables come as a smooth top. Depending on the style you are considering, it may be possible to use a planked top if you would prefer that style.

double pedestal style

Split Pedestal

The split pedestal style is designed with a single pedestal that can be unlatched and split apart, revealing a smaller center core that remains stationary. This offers the ability to start with a smaller table that can extend quite large.

split pedestal table

Table Top Shapes

Our tables come with a variety of shapes: Round, Square, Rectangle, Banquet, Oval, Square Round, Bow End, and Boat. Depending on the style, we can usually change out the style top, ie. use a square top instead of a round.

Top Coat

Our furniture is protected with our catalyzed varnish top coat.  This is a durable finish that helps protect the furniture with daily use.  Our standard top coat is a satin finish.  You can also choose a Matte Finish if you would prefer a little less shine.


The trestle style table is a very popular style especially for craftsmen or rustic styled homes. This style features a unique base that is an H frame type design.

Two Tone Finishing

Doing a two tone finish means you can choose a different colors for the table top and base and chair frame and seat, two different colors.  You can choose a paint & stain combination, stain and stain combination or paint and paint combination.  

Amish Tables Two Tone Dining Set amish tables two tone finishing technique

Wood Slides

Wood slides are designed for easy operation and are built for superior tabletop support.


Wood Species

We offer a variety of wood species: Oak, Brown Maple, Wormy Maple, Rustic Cherry, Hard Maple, Quarter Sawn White Oak, Rustic Quarter Sawn White Oak, Cherry, Hickory, Rustic Hickory, and Elm. Note: not all our furniture is available in every one of these wood species, it does vary by builder.

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