1. How do I know how many people a certain table will seat?

      For more information on seating capacity for our tables, please refer to this blog post: How Many People Do You Want To Seat.

    2. What do the different edge styles look like?

      We offer a variety of standard edge styles that can vary by style. See our Table Edge Styles for more information. edge-styles

    3. What are the height of the tables?

      Our dining tables are around 30” high, our pub styles can be usually be ordered in a 36” or 42” height.

    4. What is a skirt?

      The skirt is the band of wood that is underneath the table top, that helps give support to the table. (See Glossary)

    5. How wide are the tables?

      Our tables range in widths from 36” - 72” wide.

    6. What are the different finishings that can be applied?

      We have a wide variety of stains and finishes. You can read more about our finishes here: Choosing the Right Stain

    7. How do the tables open?

      The tables open in the middle and pull apart so the extensions can be inserted into the middle of the table. (See Glossary)

    8. What do dropdown legs look like?

      You can see our drop down legs pictured here: Drop Down Legs

    9. How durable are the tables?

      Solid hardwood offers more durability than some of the softer, faster growing woods like pine. However, no matter how dense the wood type, it can still dent or scratch. We recommend using care to extend the beauty and life of the furniture.


    1. Do you have a showroom?

      We do not have a showroom. We are an online, family-owned company that has been delivering our Amish made furniture to families nationwide for over 20 years.

    2. Do you have additional photos?

      We have additional photos that can be viewed on our Flickr account, Facebook, and Instagram. Depending on what you are looking at, we may have additional photos we can send. Please contact our sales team with your request.

    3. What if something goes wrong after I order?

      Our furniture is insured by our shipping companies so that if something happens during shipment and delivery, we will take care of it!

Stain Samples:

    1. Can you match the color of my furniture?

      It is possible to do a custom stain match. However, this is usually a $250 fee. A sample would need to be sent to our finish shop and then they would work on a match and send it to you for approval.

    2. How do I order samples of stains?

      You can order samples here: Stain Samples

    3. What is the difference between the specialty finishing techniques?

      You can read more in our glossary or in our Blog Post: Specialty Finishes Explained.


    1. Which tables can self store the extensions?

      You can search for all the tables that have self-storing extensions, by using the “Self-Storage” filter on our website.

    2. How do self storing leaves work?

      The table opens and then the leaves are inserted horizontally into the table and rest on two supports. If you order your table with more than 4 leaves, self storage is not possible. (See Glossary)

    3. Can I order additional extensions in the future?

      We recommend ordering all your extensions at the same time. The tables and extensions are built, sanded and finished as a whole for the best fit/finish. The builders also cut the table slides to a certain length, so there is usually not enough room to add them in the future.


    1. How much does shipping cost?

      We offer flat rate shipping. $450 for Curbside and $650 for Inside Delivery with Assembly. You can find more information about each delivery type here: Delivery & Returns

    2. How long does it take to ship?

      Shipping is dependent on the delivery method selected and where the order is going, but it is usually between 2-4 weeks for packing and shipping.

    3. Do you ship internationally (Canada, Australia)?

      We can ship internationally. In order to provide you a quote, we would need to know what products you are interested in and where we are shipping to.


    1. Look up old order to reference some part of it to order additional product?

    2. Where is my order in production?

      You can track your order by accessing our order tracking page: Order Status. Enter your order number and email and you should receive the latest status. If you have questions, you can always ask our customer service team!

    3. How long does the order take?

      We estimate 3 months from the time you place your order until delivery. Beautifully crafted furniture takes time!


    1. Can you make a custom height for chairs?

      Depending on the customization, it may be possible. For more information, contact our sales team with the chair and height you are interested in and they can get in touch with the builder.

    2. Can you customize the height of a table?

      Yes, for the most part we can customize the table height. For more information, contact our sales team with the table and height you are interested in and they can get in touch with the builder.

    3. Can you customize the width of a table?

      Customizations are possible, based on the style of table and width you are interested in. For example, leg styles can usually be made as small as 36” wide. Trestle and Double Pedestal tables can usually be made a little wider than 48” but not smaller than the 42” that is standard, due to the footprint of the bases. For more information, contact our sales team with the table and custom dimensions you are interested in and they can get in touch with the builder.


    1. Do you have table sets?

      Because we have so many different products, we do not have pre-designed table sets. Our knowledgeable sales team would be happy to help make suggestions for you! You can also search our site by style. For example, you can search by mission style table and then for mission chairs. For the most part these would work to pair together.


  1. Can you match my current chairs?

    Unfortunately our builders cannot do a completely custom chair.

  2. Can I get upholstered seats on the chairs?

    Yes! The majority of our chairs can be ordered with cushioned seats with your choice of upholstery, faux leather and genuine leather. We offer two different sources for fabric: Heartland Fabrics / Greenhouse Fabrics. Or you can provide your own!