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The Ultimate Custom Dresser Guide 0

Doesn’t ’it sometimes seem like there’s just never enough storage space in your bedroom? In old houses, you might just simply not have any built-in closet space, while modern homes seem to be built for spaciousness, rather than allowing for necessities.

Fortunately, there are many custom storage options available, including beds with built-in drawers, wardrobes, nightstands and, of course, dressers. A good custom-made dresser will serve you and your family for decades to come and will make sure that, wherever you may roam, you always have plenty of storage space for your clothing, linen and valuables.

Choosing a custom dresser takes more than just picking one you like the look of, however, so here are a few tips on how to choose the perfect custom dresser for your bedroom. 

Choose your style


Francine Dresser 

As with all the furniture at Amish Tables, there are a number of specific styles that our dressers come in. These styles match other items of bedroom furniture in our selection, which means you can build a whole bedroom theme around your custom Amish furniture.

When you’re browsing through the available dressers, check whether the style you like has the options you want, as well. For example, with most of our dressers, you can choose to include a mirror if you want one, or leave it out. 

Choose your size


Rosemont Dresser

Before you select a dresser size, make sure to measure the available space twice. Don’t forget to account for the space you will need to open the drawers, as well. Our dressers come in a variety of widths and heights, depending on the style you have chosen.

Different sizes may also have different drawer and style options, so take the time to choose what works for you. 

Choose your drawers


Flush Mission 7 Drawer Dresser

Everyone has different storage needs, which means everyone will need options when it comes to choosing drawers. Some of our dressers come with two or three standard options, while others come with several options. 

For example, the pictured dresser, the Flush Mission 7 Drawer Dresser, most commonly comes with four large drawers and three smaller drawers. However, as you can see from the picture, there is also the option of six large drawers, a single arch drawer and additional jewelry drawers, giving you some serious storage options. 

Choose your look


Artesa 9 Drawer Dresser 

As with all the furniture at Amish Tables, you have a choice in the wood your dresser is made of, as well as the stain or finish used. Each type of wood has its own unique grain, hardness and color, while the stains and finishes can give you exactly the look you want. 

When choosing any bedroom furniture, remember to keep a record of the styles, woods, stains and finishes you choose, so that you can make sure to match pieces up, especially if you aren’t buying everything at the same time. While we may add a new range from time to time, or stop one that proves unpopular, we try to maintain consistency with the available styles, and we always ensure that our standard selection of hardwoods remain in stock
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How to Choose the Perfect Headboard? 0

It never fails to surprise us how many people rush their bedroom furniture decisions – just buying any old bed instead of spending some time to choose something that really suits them. Maybe it’s because they think that, since they’ll be asleep anyway, it doesn’t really matter.


Bungalow Bed 

However, the atmosphere of your surroundings can actually have a profound effect on your personal comfort, which is why we believe that choosing a bed or a headboard is something you should spend just as much time and energy considering as your dining table, sofa or any other Amish furniture. 

Amish Tables offers a wide range of beds and we’ve chatted before about how to choose the right bedroom furniture, but did you know that most of these beds also come with a headboard-only option? That means that you can still enjoy a beautiful, hand-crafted headboard without having to replace your whole bed, and you can dramatically improve your bedroom décor without too much effort. In this blog, we decided to cover some of the FAQs we get about ordering just a headboard from Amish Tables. 

What is included with the headboard only option?


Francine Bed Headboard 

You get exactly what it says – just the headboard in your chosen style. All you need to do is choose the design you like, the wood, stain and finish and, in some cases, the upholstery fabric, and you have the perfect headboard to enhance your bedroom. 

Will any headboard work for my frame?


Rosemont Bed

Technically, yes, but with any of the products available on our site, we advise you always start with measuring everything thoroughly. Check the height and width of your bedframe, and check the measurements of the headboard on the individual product descriptions. We always provide detailed measurements to make your life easier. Bear in mind that your existing bedframe is a standalone unit, and the new headboard can either be attached to it, or be freestanding. If your existing frame cannot stand without the support of the headboard, you may need a little more specialized help, so feel free to call or email us. 

Can I use this headboard with any size bed?


Stick Mission Bed 

Like all of our full beds, our headboards are customizable, and that includes size. While most of them have a fixed height, their width depends on which bed size you select. You can choose from twin, full, queen and king-sized headboards to suit your existing bed. Again, we recommend you check your bed’s measurements against the product measurements on the product pages, to make 100% sure you’re getting the right size. 

Can I get a headboard and footboard?


Venice Bed 

Yes, you can. Almost all of our beds come with this option, so you can get a matching headboard and footboard for your existing bedframe. The only thing that is not available is a footboard-only option, so you won’t be able to order the headboard only, and the footboard later – in other words, if you’re ordering just the headboard, it’s best to be certain that you don’t want the footboard too! 

Which beds don’t have a headboard-only option?

While most of our beds come with the option to buy just the headboard or headboard and footboard, there are a few that don’t offer this option. These are our day beds and our bunk beds – these are by nature all-in-one products, which means we can’t make just a headboard and footboard. However, all our bunk beds and day beds are available in styles that match various other beds, so if you like the look of one of them, keep looking through the catalogue and you’re bound to find the headboard you’re looking for.

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Choosing the Right Extendable Dining Table 0

Over the last few decades, dinner has slipped from being an enjoyable family affair to being hastily grabbed meals, eaten while watching TV. The sense of family and community dwindles, leaving us unsatisfied and lonely. Our world needs to recapture that familiarity, those long, slow dinners, spent catching up with each other and enjoying each other’s company. We need to bring back a stronger sense of community and family, and allow ourselves to enjoy life, one meal at a time.

Belleville Leg Extension Table 

From small nuclear families to large parties of family and friends, Amish dining tables can host a variety of gatherings – especially those tables that give you the flexibility of size and shape you need. When you can quickly and easily transform your table for six to a table for twenty, there’s little excuse for hosting dinners, lunches, barbeques, holiday festivities… all those gatherings that make life worth living. 

Choosing the perfect extendable dining table can be a challenge, though – how big should it be, what shape should you go for, how do you store the extra pieces? These are all relevant questions, and we’re going to answer them for you. 

1 – Size and Shape

There are two size aspects to consider when choosing an extendable dining table – the basic size and the maximum size. The basic size is your table when it’s being used for everyday purposes – dinners at home, homework, projects and so on. The maximum size is, of course, the largest it can possibly be, and the maximum amount of people it can seat. These sizes will vary according to your own needs, so check out our guide to large dining tables for some tips on things to consider.


Arts and Crafts Trestle Extension Table

2 – Storage

An extension table comes with extra pieces you can add on when needed. While not in use, those pieces will need to be stored somewhere safe. Often, the table you choose can be customized to include a storage area within the table itself, meaning you don’t have to find space in a closet for them. Select your dining table according to what works best for you in terms of storage, and what customization options are available.

 Berkshire Leg Extension Table 

3 – Wood

All Amish Tables products come in a selection of hardwoods, so the choice is yours. That said, some will look better in a certain type of wood than others, because of the grain, the color and the available finishes, so make sure to compare woods and choose a table that works in your favorite wood.


Baytown Double Pedestal Extension Table 

4 – Extendability

When you’re considering your basic size and shape, it’s important to consider just how big the table will need to get at full extension. If you want to be able to seat upwards of fourteen people, for example, it doesn’t work to choose a small round table for two as your basic size. Each extension table needs to be able to hold your required number of extra pieces easily. Check if your selected table also includes extra drop-down legs or center support legs to help support it, especially when going super-large!


Chancellor Double Pedestal Extension Table with drop-down legs in place

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Choosing the Right Wood Finish 0

Wood is more than simply a building material, or something to form the frame for your furniture – it is a living thing, responding to its environment, expanding and contracting with the weather, absorbing and preserving the experiences around it. Wood isn’t just something that looks nice, it’s a material that carries intrinsic uniqueness – every individual piece of a dining room set will be different to all the rest, thanks to the grain, the lines, the knots in the blocks of wood used to make them.


Artesa Bed

The beauty of wood lies in itself, in its patterns, colors and textures, and that beauty can be enhanced and preserved by choosing just the right stain or finish for your furniture. But how do you choose the perfect finish for your wood furniture? This guide will take you through the steps you should take.

1 – The Wood

We’ve discussed choosing the perfect wood for your furniture before, and recommend having a look at our various guides to help you find the right wood to suit your styles, tastes and needs. Your choice in wood shouldn’t be based purely on what’s trendy, though, because quality Amish furniture will last several generations, outlasting all current fashions.


Old Classic Sleigh 7 Drawer Dresser 

2 – Stain vs Finish

At Amish Tables, we give customers the choice between stains and finishes, but what’s the difference between them? Stains are similar to varnishes, in that they are a layer of protective coating in various natural shades from completely clear to quite dark – you choose these according to the final color you want your table to be. Finishes are a little more complex, as they involve spending time to create a very specific look. Finishes include paints in a range of colors, or specialty finishes that give each piece of furniture a unique look – these could be a distressed look, a weathered effect, or glazing.


Carolina Hall Seat 

Whether you choose a stain or finish, also remember that as wood ages and matures, and as it is exposed to sunlight, heat and cold, humidity or dry air, its color will develop. Some woods darker significantly over the years, while others slowly mellow into a richer color. Either way, after several years your furniture is going to look anywhere from somewhat to very different to the furniture you take delivery of. This can be especially important if you order additional pieces a few years later – you could order a new sofa, or buffet. It’s often best to order the same wood and stain as the original pieces, even if they don’t match exactly, as the new pieces will mature and eventually catch up with and match the first pieces. 

3 – The Final Product

It’s worth remembering that what you see online is rarely exactly what you get. For example, we take high-resolution photographs of every set of furniture, piece of wood and stain sample that we put on our website, to try and give you the closest possible idea of the final product. However, a difference in graphic cards, screen quality and brand, brightness and contrast settings can all impact what that image looks like.


Kaitlyn Media Center 

That means what you see pictured during your searches may not look like what you expected once you take delivery. Take the time to order some samples of various woods, along with their accompanying stains and finishes, to help you choose, and to make sure you know exactly what to expect.

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How to order custom size dining tables ? 0

One of the things we most pride ourselves on at Amish Tables is the fact that every single table is a customized, hand-made table, created to suit every individual customer’s needs. We love the fact that each client has chosen the perfect size, shape, wood, color, stain and finish to suit their personal tastes and requirements. 

Bostonian Trestle Extension Table 

Naturally, that leads to us answering a lot of questions about how to choose the right custom size dining table. We get questions about everything from choosing the right shape, size and design, to how many extensions to order. Here are some of the most popular questions we get asked, and their answers. 

How do I choose the base size?

The two most important factors to consider when deciding on a table’s base size are how many people you will need to seat daily, and how much space you have available. On average, each person needs around 24 inches of space at a table. Take a look at our handy guide for choosing the perfect table size here. From this point, you can look at the styles you prefer and just how big you want to be able to get with extensions.


Artesa Single Pedestal Pub Table 

How do I choose a style?

When you’ve worked out what size your basic table needs to be, it’s time to look at styles, and see whether the styles you like come in those sizes. For example, our round tables come in a variety of base sizes of between 36 and 72 inches. However, not all the round tables come in all sizes, so it helps to choose a few styles you like and start narrowing down the search from there. It’s the same with square or rectangular tables. 

Should I choose a solid top or an extension table?

Most of our tables give you the option of choosing either a solid table top, or an extendable top that accommodates extensions. If you tend to have regular parties with plenty of guests, but an oversized dining table for regular use is just a space-thief, then go for an extension table. If you rarely host dinner parties, Thanksgiving dinners with the whole family, or other festivities, then a solid table top will do the job nicely. 

Westbrook Banquet Pedestal Extension Table

What’s the difference between an extension table, drop-leaf table and butterfly-leaf table?

An extension table has a segmented table top – and often segmented pedestals too – that splits in two and allows you to add sections of table top. This allows for a temporary increase in table size as and when needed. Depending on the style you choose, you can get up to 12 extensions with this kind of table, allowing for several extra guests. Depending on your requirements, the extra segments can be stored inside the table itself, or separately in a closet.


Drop Leaf Extension Leg Table 

A drop-leaf table also has a segmented top, but one of the segments is hinged and can de dropped down to reduce the size of the table top, thereby saving space. The drop-leaf, or the segment that hinges down, is permanently attached to the table. These tables are usually suited for smaller homes or families, who may need to reduce their table size daily after use, or for people who don’t need a very large table, but would like to occasionally accommodate an extra two to three guests.


Ensenada Pub Extension Table 

A butterfly-leaf table is structured similarly to a regular extension table, except that the extensions are hinged in the center, making them neat and compact, and either fold away into the table quickly and easily, or can be stored separately. 

How many extensions should I choose?

Each extension is usually 12 inches wide, giving you a total of 24 inches of extra table space – in other words, room for one extra person (or two, if you don’t mind getting closer!). While you could be tempted to choose the maximum number of extensions in anticipation of massive family gatherings or dinner parties, be realistic with how many you will need. If you frequently have eight or ten extra guests, then by all means, set your table up to host fourteen people, but if you realistically only ever have two to four guests over, get two to four extensions.




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How to Choose the Perfect Dining Chair Upholstery ? 0


Alana Dining Chair

One of the best things about custom-made furniture is making it your own, customizing it to be exactly as you want it, from the type and color of the wood, to the finishes, paints and stains, all the way to the perfect upholstery that suits your tastes and needs. But what are the factors you need to consider when choosing upholstery? This handy guide will take you through the most important questions to ask.

1 – Can it handle your activity levels?


Kalispel Dining Chair

Fabric for furniture upholstery is generally created to be hard-working and tough – or at least, tougher than fabric used for clothing. It has to support the weight of people ranging from little kids to fully grown adults, and it needs to look good for as long as possible.

That said, there are degrees of hardiness for fabrics, and you need to consider your family’s activity levels before choosing. If you use your dining table and chairs every day for all your meals, doing homework, crafting, and a host of other activities, you need to choose from the tougher fabrics, to prevent premature wear and tear. If, however, you use the dining room once a week for Sunday dinner, then you’re probably ok choosing from the more delicate fabrics.


Olson Dining Chair

Top Tip: We always recommend choosing more hard-wearing fabrics – remember, your Amish table and chairs are designed to last for generations, so choose wisely! Order samples of your favorites from us to get a feel for their durability.

2 – Is it easy to clean?

Cleaning your upholstery properly depends heavily on the type of fabric that’s used. Leather needs different care to suede, velvet finishes need different care to cotton fabrics. Do your research on just what type and frequency of cleaning your chosen upholstery will need before choosing.


Kimberly Dining Chair 

Upholstery will usually need to be cleaned anywhere between every three months and once a year, depending again on how hard-working the chairs are. If you have young children who tend to spill food often, it’s worth considering upholstery that can be easily wiped down, like leather or faux leather. If your dining room will primarily be used by adults, or if the children don’t spill that often any more, then you can comfortably expand your options to include fancier, designer fabrics. 

Top tip: Read our blog on how to clean your upholstery to get a good idea of what each kind of cover entails. 

3 – Should you choose a solid color or pattern?


Bradbury Dining Chair 

The look of the upholstery is a matter of choice and personal style, but there are still a few things to consider. For a high-traffic dining room, where seats might start to look dirty quickly, it helps to choose darker upholstery colors, or to choose patterns that are more forgiving of spills and messes. You will still need to deep-clean these from time to time, though. 

When choosing solid colors or patterns, consider the rest of your dining room’s design. If you are outfitting the room from scratch, see if you can find curtain fabric in the same color or pattern, or try to match or complement existing curtains, rugs, carpets and other fabrics.


Evergreen Dining Chair 

Top Tip: Your Amish dining room furniture is made to last a lifetime, but upholstery can be replaced easily if it gets damaged or you grow tired of the design. This is one area where you can play around a little, as it is much easier – and less expensive – to re-upholster the chairs than it is to replace the whole set. Take some time to look at all the upholstery options available from our suppliers, Greenhouse Fabrics and Heartland Fabrics.
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