Planning and Choosing a Table Size

What table size is the best for my room? This question may be one of the top ones we receive. We want to help your furniture search with some easy tips. 

1) Measure 

The first place to start is to measure the space available for your table. It can be hard to see the overall footprint visually. Pro tip: use painter's tape and newspaper to create an outline on your floor. A general recommendation is to keep at least a 36" perimeter around the table to allow for chairs and a walkway. When measuring, consider room openings and other furniture, especially anything with doors. 

When tables are expanded for special occasions, the 36' walkway may be able to be narrower at least at the ends of tables or maybe along one side. 

2) Room and Flow

When ordering a table, consider the room's general use. How many people will use the table daily? How many do you hope to seat for special occasions? What style of dining table are you hoping to have? 

3) Choose a Table style

We have other blogs on tips for choosing your table style. Double Pedestal, leg, and trestle tables are the tables that can extend the farthest. Single pedestals tend to work well in smaller spaces. 

Almost every table we sell can come with a specified number of extensions allowing the table to grow to seat more people.   

We recommend this measuring guide to help determine how many people our tables will seat or contact our team members to help! 

All our seating measurements are based on 24" of space per person, so two leaves will seat two people. 

4) Add More 

Our tables are built, sanded and stained as a whole. A comment we receive frequently is from customers who wish they would have ordered an extra leaf or two. Depending on the table, a customer may be able to add a leaf after order, but it is not always possible. If possible, the leaf will not be a seamless fit as it is built afterwards. We always recommend adding one to two more leaves than you think. Having extra space around your beautiful table will always be beneficial! 

5) Ready to Order
Once you have all of this settled, the next step is too choose the wood type and stain of your table and place your order. You can order online or with our expert sales team.

Dining Table Size Guide - Amish Tables

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