Increased Lead Times for Solid Wood Furniture

Increased Lead Times for Solid Wood Furniture

When consumers set out to research and buy solid wood furniture, it seems natural to consider Amish furniture. After all, Amish artisans are known for their craftsmanship and attention to detail. But like all good things, quality furniture takes time.

In our industry, our standard lead times average about 10-12 weeks from order to delivery and can swell to 14 weeks, especially for holiday orders. What happens, though, when there is increased demand, supply chain issues, and decreased laborers? Unfortunately, what we see now seems to be the perfect storm of very long wait times. Current lead times are swelling to 16-24 weeks and beyond.

In this blog post, we share factors causing delays and price increases and what you can do.

Closed Shops & Labor Issues
Last year, when everything closed from Amish builders, sawmills, textile factories, shipping companies, and more, the orders kept coming. Our builders shared that they have seen a spike in orders of over 400% from last year. As everything opened back up, our craftsmen shared that it has been hard for them to find workers to keep up with their increased workload.

Increased Demand
With home sales soaring, up 19% from last year, home remodeling and renovations, and adjusting for work from home setups, the demand for new furniture is reaching record numbers. Overall retail sales are up over 34%, equating to billions of dollars, over 11 billion in the furniture and homes store industry alone. 

Lumber Scarcity
Solid wood furniture requires lumber to build.  Lumber mills are behind due to operating at less than maximum capacity to maintain COVID guidelines, impacting supply and increasing prices. Transportation is also affecting supply - transporting lumber from mills to final destinations adds to delays.

Foam Shortages
The horrible winter storm that hit Texas back in February knocked out manufacturing plants for days, including chemical plants that produce critical chemicals for foam. With delays in receiving foam - delays are being seen for padded dining chairs, upholstered headboards, and living room seating.

What Does it All Mean?
While delays are across the board, the time to order is now, especially if you want furniture before the end of the year! Getting in our builder's queue is a sure-fire way to lock in your place but also the price. As this trend continues, prices will continue to rise.

Despite it all, our craftsmen are committed to the quality they are known for and that you expect.  Solid wood furniture is an investment of money and time, but it is worth both for furniture that will stand the test of time.

If you need something faster, check out our Quick Ship Collection.

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