Choosing your extendable dining table

Over the last few decades, dinner has slipped from being an enjoyable family affair to being hastily grabbed meals, eaten while watching TV. The sense of family and community dwindles, leaving us unsatisfied and lonely. Our world needs to recapture that familiarity, those long, slow dinners, spent catching up with each other and enjoying each other’s company. We need to bring back a stronger sense of community and family, and allow ourselves to enjoy life, one meal at a time.

belleville leg dining table

Belleville Leg Extension Table 

From small nuclear families to large parties of family and friends, Amish dining tables can host a variety of gatherings – especially those tables that give you the flexibility of size and shape you need. When you can quickly and easily transform your table for six to a table for twenty, there’s little excuse for hosting dinners, lunches, barbeques, holiday festivities… all those gatherings that make life worth living. 

Choosing the perfect extendable dining table can be a challenge, though – how big should it be, what shape should you go for, how do you store the extra pieces? These are all relevant questions, and we’re going to answer them for you. 

1 – Size and Shape

There are two size aspects to consider when choosing an extendable dining table – the basic size and the maximum size. The basic size is your table when it’s being used for everyday purposes – dinners at home, homework, projects and so on. The maximum size is, of course, the largest it can possibly be, and the maximum amount of people it can seat. These sizes will vary according to your own needs, so check out our guide to large dining tables for some tips on things to consider.

arts and crafts dining set

Arts and Crafts Trestle Extension Table

2 – Storage

An extension table comes with extra pieces you can add on when needed. While not in use, those pieces will need to be stored somewhere safe. Often, the table you choose can be customized to include a storage area within the table itself, meaning you don’t have to find space in a closet for them. Select your dining table according to what works best for you in terms of storage, and what customization options are available.

berkshire dining table Berkshire Leg Extension Table 

3 – Wood

All Amish Tables products come in a selection of hardwoods, so the choice is yours. That said, some will look better in a certain type of wood than others, because of the grain, the color and the available finishes, so make sure to compare woods and choose a table that works in your favorite wood.

Baytown extension dining table with drop down legs

Baytown Double Pedestal Extension Table 

4 – Extendability

When you’re considering your basic size and shape, it’s important to consider just how big the table will need to get at full extension. If you want to be able to seat upwards of fourteen people, for example, it doesn’t work to choose a small round table for two as your basic size. Each extension table needs to be able to hold your required number of extra pieces easily. Check if your selected table also includes extra drop-down legs or center support legs to help support it, especially when going super-large!

chancellor double pedestal table with drop down legs

Chancellor Double Pedestal Extension Table with drop-down legs in place

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