How to Choose the Perfect Headboard?

It never fails to surprise us how many people rush their bedroom furniture decisions – just buying any old bed instead of spending some time to choose something that really suits them. Maybe it’s because they think that, since they’ll be asleep anyway, it doesn’t really matter.

bungalow bedroom set

Bungalow Bed 

However, the atmosphere of your surroundings can actually have a profound effect on your personal comfort, which is why we believe that choosing a bed or a headboard is something you should spend just as much time and energy considering as your dining table, sofa or any other Amish furniture. 

Amish Tables offers a wide range of beds and we’ve chatted before about how to choose the right bedroom furniture, but did you know that most of these beds also come with a headboard-only option? That means that you can still enjoy a beautiful, hand-crafted headboard without having to replace your whole bed, and you can dramatically improve your bedroom décor without too much effort. In this blog, we decided to cover some of the FAQs we get about ordering just a headboard from Amish Tables. 

What is included with the headboard only option?

Francine solid wood headboard

Francine Bed Headboard 

You get exactly what it says – just the headboard in your chosen style. All you need to do is choose the design you like, the wood, stain and finish and, in some cases, the upholstery fabric, and you have the perfect headboard to enhance your bedroom. 

Will any headboard work for my frame?

rosemont bedroom solid wood bedroom set

Rosemont Bed

Technically, yes, but with any of the products available on our site, we advise you always start with measuring everything thoroughly. Check the height and width of your bedframe, and check the measurements of the headboard on the individual product descriptions. We always provide detailed measurements to make your life easier. Bear in mind that your existing bedframe is a standalone unit, and the new headboard can either be attached to it, or be freestanding. If your existing frame cannot stand without the support of the headboard, you may need a little more specialized help, so feel free to call or email us. 

Can I use this headboard with any size bed?

mission style solid wood bedroom sets

Stick Mission Bed 

Like all of our full beds, our headboards are customizable, and that includes size. While most of them have a fixed height, their width depends on which bed size you select. You can choose from twin, full, queen and king-sized headboards to suit your existing bed. Again, we recommend you check your bed’s measurements against the product measurements on the product pages, to make 100% sure you’re getting the right size. 

Can I get a headboard and footboard?

venice bedroom set

Venice Bed 

Yes, you can. Almost all of our beds come with this option, so you can get a matching headboard and footboard for your existing bedframe. The only thing that is not available is a footboard-only option, so you won’t be able to order the headboard only, and the footboard later – in other words, if you’re ordering just the headboard, it’s best to be certain that you don’t want the footboard too! 

Which beds don’t have a headboard-only option?

While most of our beds come with the option to buy just the headboard or headboard and footboard, there are a few that don’t offer this option. These are our day beds and our bunk beds – these are by nature all-in-one products, which means we can’t make just a headboard and footboard. However, all our bunk beds and day beds are available in styles that match various other beds, so if you like the look of one of them, keep looking through the catalogue and you’re bound to find the headboard you’re looking for.

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