ultimate solid wood dresser guide

Doesn’t ’it sometimes seem like there’s just never enough storage space in your bedroom? In old houses, you might just simply not have any built-in closet space, while modern homes seem to be built for spaciousness, rather than allowing for necessities.

Fortunately, there are many custom storage options available, including beds with built-in drawers, wardrobes, nightstands and, of course, dressers. A good custom-made dresser will serve you and your family for decades to come and will make sure that, wherever you may roam, you always have plenty of storage space for your clothing, linen and valuables.

Choosing a custom dresser takes more than just picking one you like the look of, however, so here are a few tips on how to choose the perfect custom dresser for your bedroom. 

Choose your style

francine bedroom set

Francine Dresser 

As with all the furniture at Amish Tables, there are a number of specific styles that our dressers come in. These styles match other items of bedroom furniture in our selection, which means you can build a whole bedroom theme around your custom Amish furniture.

When you’re browsing through the available dressers, check whether the style you like has the options you want, as well. For example, with most of our dressers, you can choose to include a mirror if you want one, or leave it out. 

Choose your size

rosemont bedroom set

Rosemont Dresser

Before you select a dresser size, make sure to measure the available space twice. Don’t forget to account for the space you will need to open the drawers, as well. Our dressers come in a variety of widths and heights, depending on the style you have chosen.

Different sizes may also have different drawer and style options, so take the time to choose what works for you. 

Choose your drawers

flush mission dresser and nightstand

Flush Mission 7 Drawer Dresser

Everyone has different storage needs, which means everyone will need options when it comes to choosing drawers. Some of our dressers come with two or three standard options, while others come with several options. 

For example, the pictured dresser, the Flush Mission 7 Drawer Dresser, most commonly comes with four large drawers and three smaller drawers. However, as you can see from the picture, there is also the option of six large drawers, a single arch drawer and additional jewelry drawers, giving you some serious storage options. 

Choose your look

artesa dresser and bed

Artesa 9 Drawer Dresser 

As with all the furniture at Amish Tables, you have a choice in the wood your dresser is made of, as well as the stain or finish used. Each type of wood has its own unique grain, hardness and color, while the stains and finishes can give you exactly the look you want. 

When choosing any bedroom furniture, remember to keep a record of the styles, woods, stains and finishes you choose, so that you can make sure to match pieces up, especially if you aren’t buying everything at the same time. While we may add a new range from time to time, or stop one that proves unpopular, we try to maintain consistency with the available styles, and we always ensure that our standard selection of hardwoods remain in stock

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