Entertaining: How To Host a Beautiful Brunch

When we think of parties we most often think of Friday or Saturday evenings, heavy foods, wine, and desserts.  But what about a get together in the morning?  Why not invite your friends over in a whole new menu and enjoy the sunshine.  Here are some tips for hosting brunch. The best part of a morning soiree is that a lot of the prep-work can done the night before and is one less thing to tackle in the morning. Splitting up the work between two days, can also make the actual event more enjoyable for the host/ hostess.


Whether large or small, formal or casual everyone loves receiving invites. But you don't have to do printed and mailed invites if you don't want to or if time is short! With online party planning websites, you can invite your guests (and track responses) online. One of our favorite sites is: www.punchbowl.com.

Hosting a Brunch for Mothers Day


Food of course is dependent on size of your party, personal tastes and whether you are hosting brunch that is a more formal or casual affair. But here are some ideas to get you started.

Eggs For Each: Use your muffin pan to create individual egg cups for each person! There are lots of recipes and variations. This recipe includes bacon, toast and eggs. You could also try prosciutto, pesto, tomatoes and some Parmesan cheese. Serve these egg cups with some rosemary baked diced potatoes and you are sure to have a thankful crowd.

French Toast Casserole: The wonderful thing about breakfast casseroles is that many of them can be prepared the night before (like this one from the Food Network). Of course this would be wonderful served alongside some breakfast meat and either eggs or hash browns! This is a favorite of ours for brunches for a crowd.

Continental for a Crowd: You could also provide guests with a buffet of options from home-baked goods like muffins and breads, bagels, fruit salad with a yogurt dip, crepes, doughnuts and even yogurt & granola! This would be great for a group that really wants to mingle or if you are short on seating.


Set up a drink station for guests to help themselves to beverages. If you set it up as more of a self-serve bar, this will allow you more time to mingle or put the finishing touches on serving the meal. Here are some ideas for different drinks to serve.

Coffee Bar: complete with cream, sugar, chocolate syrup (it's a party), whipped cream, cups, & stirrers

Mimosa Bar: Let adult guests make their own Mimosa's. Set the bar with champagne and different juices like: Pomegrante, Orange, Mango, Pineapple. You can also put out some orange flavored liquor as well. Don't forget some fruit for garnishing their creations.

Smoothie Bar: Set up your blender and some smoothie recipes and let some adult participants man the mixing for you! Smoothies are a great addition to any brunch and if kids are in attendance, they usually will enjoy this special & sweet shake.

Brunch Decor for Mothers Day


Whether large or small, well appointed decor is sure to set the theme for your party.  This could be a simple bouquet gathered from your garden or paper streamers with some fun balloons.  Arrange small potted flowers or succulents on the table and around your buffet and then send them off with guests as a thank you. For more inspiration, check out our Pinterest board: Entertaining.


Turn on some music for you and your guests, welcome your guests and enjoy the fruits of your labor!

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