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Amish life is a very different way of life to modern life – we all know this in theory, but consider this – the average modern family in the USA has just two children, while the average Amish family has six children, sometimes even as many as nine. That makes for large family mealtimes, and even larger gatherings of extended family and friends – which means there’s nobody who knows about large, easily extended dining tables like the Amish.

Hartford Trestle dining table

Hartford Trestle Table 

Whether you have a big family of your own, or need a regular-sized table that can be extended out for holidays, dinner parties and any other occasions that need you to accommodate fourteen or more people, there are a few things you should bear in mind when purchasing your large Amish dining table. Besides the usual admonishments to take care when choosing your wood, stain or finish, here are some things to check before clicking “pay now”.

Table shape and size

Monteray Split Pedestal table

Monteray Split Pedestal Extension Table


Extension tables come in both rectangular and round tables and most of our extension tables can seat fourteen or even more people when they are fully expanded. When you’re considering your table, however, it helps to think of how it’s going to be used for everyday purposes, like regular family dinners. For a small family of two to four people, a smaller, round table is ideal, as it doesn’t take up too much space, while a family of six, for example, might be better served with a longer, rectangular table. It all depends on your space and what you like. 

Space accommodations

Center support legs for stability


While everyday use should be your first consideration, you do also need to make sure that your fully-extended large Amish dining room table will fit into the space allocated for it – which doesn’t necessarily have to be the same space. If you have a small dining room that can fit a table for four comfortably, but not much else, consider where you would put the table for big parties. Do you have a porch, a large living room, or somewhere else that could handle an extended table? 

The chair situation

Heidi Leg dining set

Heidi Leg Extension Table

Of course, you want to have matching chairs whether your table is in its compact or extended state, so make sure you order enough chairs, and also that you have suitable storage space for the extras when not in use. 

Ongoing care

traditional double pedestal extension table

Traditional Double Pedestal Extension Table

One of the biggest mistakes you can make when getting an extension table is uneven maintenance. Remember, even though the extensions are safely stowed away, they also need regular care, whether you oil, wax or polish your table. Also, remember that if your table is exposed to plenty of sunlight, its color is going to change at a faster rate than the extensions that are stored in the dark. The same goes for any other exposure that can age the wood, the varnish or the finish, and all of this obviously applies to the extra chairs that are stored away as well. Your best bet is to keep your table in an area where it doesn’t get constant exposure to sunlight, wind or other elements, and to take out and polish up the extensions and extra chairs every time you do the same for your table. 

A large Amish-made dining table – especially an extension table – is going to serve you well for the next several decades, so it pays to get one that will work for you now and in the future. Choose wisely, and don’t be afraid to ask the supplier for help and advice. At Amish Tables, we’re always ready to answer any questions you may have, or provide you with wood, stain, finish and even upholstery samples. 


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