Select the right bed for your room

Marshfield Bed

Marshfield Bed 

Every room in your home has its own unique purpose, and every piece of furniture in that room needs to suit your style, budget and comfort needs as well as possible, or you’re going to be uncomfortable and unhappy – no matter how good it looks. Nowhere is that more important that in your bedroom – specifically, your bed. The wrong mattress, the wrong support and the wrong size can all make sleeping a supremely unpleasant experience, and considering we should be spending at least six to eight hours sleeping each day, that can result in a whole lot of time spent in discomfort. 

So what are you supposed to do when choosing a bed? After all, there’s more to it than just getting a good, firm mattress – you want it to look good, too and hopefully be part of your furnishings for a few years. 

1 – The mattress

The very first thing to do when choosing a bed, is to establish what mattress you will get with it. You need to make sure it is of good quality and is going to be comfortable. That means the right hardness or softness, good back support and the right amount of movement.

Rosemont solid wood bed

Rosemont Bed 

2 – Size considerations

Yes, we probably do say this in every single article, but measuring the room and establishing exactly how much room you have for the bed is critical. You want to be sure the bed is large enough for comfort, and also that there will still be enough room to move around in once the bed’s in place. So measure the room, work out your placement and confirm what size bed you can comfortably accommodate. Remember also that the bed itself will be larger than the standard mattress sizes and that custom beds like those you can buy from Amish Tables can vary. Make sure that the supplier gives clear measurements of the bed’s various size options.

Flush Mission Bed

Flush Mission Bed 

3 – Quality of manufacture

When you think of beds, you don’t really think of them as very active places – sleep is pretty calm, after all. But if you think about it, even the calmest sleeper moves around during the night, and beds are not exclusively used for peaceful sleeping, either. You need to be sure your bed can stand up to several hours of nighttime movement as well as occasional vigorous activity, so it has to be well constructed and unlikely to collapse under you. Don’t be afraid to ask for referrals and testimonials, or to view examples of the company’s manufacturing standards. Also, find out about quality guarantees!

Venice bed and nightstand

Venice Bed 

4 – Style and design

Whether you like things clean and simple, or prefer ornate, chunky or rustic looking furniture, choosing a style is very personal. It does help if the manufacturer of quality furniture has a few ranges to choose from. Always consider future furnishing requirements, as well. You may only be buying a bed today, but soon you may want a complementary dresser or nightstands, and if there are matching pieces on offer, it makes life a whole lot easier. If you are choosing custom stains, finishes and woods, like we offer, make sure you keep a note of what you chose, so that it’s easier to match up later.

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