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The history of the Pennsylvania Dutch, or Amish and Mennonite communities is intricately linked with the history of the United States, where this group of devout people sought refuge during the eighteenth century and where they live and thrive to this day. One of the principles of Amish life is that they are not a frivolous society, nor are they a throw-away society, and many of the pieces of furniture made by Amish craftsmen are built to last several generations.

madison leg extension dining table

Madison Leg Extension Table 

A traditional Amish Farm Table is more than just a dining table – it is a table at which long conversations are held, meals are served, work of all sorts is done, prayer meetings are held, and where the community makes some of its most important decisions. When the weather is good, you can often find an Amish Farm Table outdoors, groaning under the weight of fresh produce and hosting everything from potlucks to weddings.newbury leg extension dining table 

Newbury Leg Extension Table 

Amish Farm Tables are not small tables for small groups, nor are they delicate, flimsy things. They are strong, sturdy, crafted with love and care, and designed to hold as many people as you can possibly fit around it. So how do you know if the table you are considering buying is suited for Amish farm life? Well, you need to check these details: 

1 – The Wood

An Amish Farm Table will be made with the best possible quality of wood, preferably good, solid hardwood. Hardwoods last hundreds of years if they are well taken care of, and longevity is a prized quality among the Amish when it comes to their farm tables.


2 – Quality of manufacture

Because these tables are expected to do decades worth of hard work, each table needs to be manufactured as well as possible. They are hand-made, with every single piece of wood, every dowel, bracket and nail being carefully and accurately inserted by the maker. There is no mass-production when making Amish Farm Tables.

traditional leg extension table

Traditional Leg Extension Table 

3 – The Style

The Amish refer to themselves as Plain folk, because excessive decoration is considered frivolous and unnecessary. That extends to their furniture, too. If the farm table you’re looking at is heavily decorated, it’s not Amish! Sturdiness is more important that fashion, and hard work more prized than attractiveness.


4 – The Manufacturer

It may sound obvious, but you can really only be sure that your table is genuine Amish Farm Table if it is made by an Amish craftsman.

west lake leg extension dining table

West Lake Leg Extension Table 

5 – The Size

A small table that seats two to four people isn’t a farm table. Of course, you can get Amish-made dining tables, work tables and many others that are smaller and suited for your space, but if it’s a farm table, it needs to seat at least ten people, and preferably more. 

Amish Farm Tables are a perfect addition to any home that needs a hard-working, solid piece of furniture that can handle heavy duty. From being able to handle some exposure to weather, to having extensions to make it as long as needed, to holding a family history in itself like a cherished secret, an Amish Farm Table is there for a lifetime and more

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