Dining Table Top Shape Guide

Dining tables are super-functional – they’re there to serve you for decades with their solid, hard-working tops and sturdy legs that will hopefully see generations enjoying their meals and work around them. Every table is unique, each one suited for the family that owns it; that’s possibly why there are just so many different table top shapes available. 

When you think of dining table tops, I’ll bet you immediately think “round or rectangle”, and yes, those are the two most common, classic shapes you’ll find. But that doesn’t mean you’re restricted to those! There are several different table top shapes that you can choose from to make sure your dinging table is just as special and unique as your family. We’re taking a look at the six most popular shapes among our customers. 

1 – Round/oval

amish stanton pub table

Stanton Pub Table 

A round table top is a classic shape, simple and elegant. These tables work in both small and large sizes, although they are most often found in homes that need to seat between two and eight people. Round tables are ideal for square rooms, where all four walls are of equal length, because they allow for easy movement around the table, making for more convenient serving. A round table also gives an atmosphere of equality and encourages conversation. If you choose a round table with extensions, you will end up with an oval-shaped table at full extension.


2 – Round Drop Leaf

round drop leaf table

Drop Leaf Single Pedestal Extension Table

A variation on the straightforward round table, the drop leaf table has a section that can be folded down, both giving you a different dining table shape and allowing for easy storage, especially in a smaller room. 

3 – Rectangle/square

vienna trestle extension table

Vienna Trestle Extension Table 

Another simple and classic shape, the square or rectangle table top shape is great for anything from four to fourteen people – and even more! These dining table tops are easy to place, and make the most of your table top surface area. 

4 – Banquet Top

chancellor double pedestal table

Chancellor Double Pedestal Extension Table 

A banquet top table top shape is similar in general shape to a rectangle table, but the two ends have rounded corners. These corners are significantly more rounded than just a softening of the corner, but aren’t quite round enough to make the table oval-shaped. This is a very elegant and sophisticated shape. 

5 – Boat Shape

cameron trestle table

Cameron Trestle Extension Table 

Another interesting take on the combination of shapes, the boat shape dining table top is a rectangle, with the two longer sides bowed outward, creating the look of the inside of a fishing boat. This shape maximizes the dining table top’s surface area, making it perfect for those family gatherings where many dishes are served, piled high on the table together. 

6 – Fan Shape

fan executive conference tableserpentine conference wood table

 Fan Executive Conference Table 

There’s nothing quite like a table that’s shape you can play around with. Of course, there are extension tables that give you extra length, but a fan-shaped table is one of the most fun. Because the table is made up of four separate quarter-circle pieces, you can have everything from a completely round table to a half-circle to an S-shape to a wavy, curved line. You can even split it up into two separate tables – it all depends on the occasion and your needs. 

When choosing a dining table top shape for your home, think about your needs as they are now, and as they will be in a few years’ time. And always try to have a little fun with your Amish table – it’s going to last you a lifetime, so make sure it’s one you’re going to love for life. 

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