The first step in choosing the table that will compliment your home and provide that perfect spot for meals and memories is to choose the style. This can be daunting as there are several options available. Read on for help in determining what table style suites you and your home.

Leg Style:
This style is the most popular and with a leg supporting each corner it is also the sturdiest. As the table is expanded support legs are added to the center for additional stability. The downside to this style is that the legs on the corners prohibit people sitting all around the table.  

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Single Pedestal Style:
This style is commonly used with people who don’t have a large area for a table. Generally these tables seat 4 at the smallest size and up to 7-10 people with additional leaves or larger top.  They come in a variety of styles and sizes. Single pedestal tables can be found on our website.

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Double Pedestal Style:
This style is great for those wanting both greater extension and the ability to sit all the way around the table. Many of the double pedestal tables are able to expand to accommodate 18-20 people. With this style, the base stays stationary as the top expands over the base. As the table gets longer there are 2 drop down legs attached under the base that can easily be unlatched to give necessary stability to the table at the expanded length.  

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Trestle Style:
This is one of the most challenging styles to work with. Because of the “H” frame base, seating can be difficult along the sides. A 60” base size can only seat one person in between the trestle base, which means it would only be able to seat 4 people, whereas any other style would be able to seat 6. The 66” & 72” sizes can seat 2 in between the trestle, which means 6 people can fit, whereas any other style would be able to seat 8. Some of these tables are also made to expand to seat 18-20 people as well. Despite seating challenges, they tend to offer more sturdiness than the Double Pedestal Style.  

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If you have more questions, especially about how a specific style may accommodate your needs, please feel free to contact our talented sales team via phone or email! 

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