Specialty finishes can add an extra touch to your furniture.  We would like to explain some of the techniques we have to offer.

This technique uses a darker stain applied to the edges of the item to give it an aged look. An example can be seen on our Stanwood Leg table.  

Amish Tables Burnishing

Amish Tables Burnishing Techniques

​Rub Through
This is a specialty technique that is most often done with painted furniture, but can be done with stained pieces as well. The paint is rubbed off on the edges and in specific areas (like table and chair legs), to give it a more rustic and used/worn look.    

Amish Tables Rub Through Technique

This specialty technique is when the furniture is distressed before it is finished to look like it has been used or give it a more rustic look with denting, nicks, pinholes, eased edges, etc. It is a random and subjective process.

A glaze is similar to burnishing.  It is a specialty technique that is applied over the stain or paint to accentuates the finer details and give it an aged look. You can see a good example of this on our Adrian Buffet.  The picture below is distressed, with a glaze and low sheen. 

Amish Tables Distressed and Glazed

amish tables distressed technique

Low Sheen/Matte Finish
This refers to the sheen of the top coat used.  Our standard top coat has a more Satin sheen.  Our low sheen offers a more matte finish.

Amish Tables Low Sheen Finish

Saw Marks
This technique is generally done on planked top tables.  The builder uses a saw to roughen the surface of the table in ​random spots to again give a more rustic look and feel to the table top. The Vienna table has this detail.  We do not recommend this on smooth top (i.e. not planked top tables).  

amish tables saw marks

Two Tone Finishing
Doing a two tone finish means you can choose a different colors for the table top and base and chair frame and seat, two different colors.  You can choose a paint & stain combination, stain and stain combination or paint and paint combination.  

Amish Tables Two Tone Dining Set  Amish Tables Two Tone Techniques

Each of our techniques are hand applied and can vary from the picture.  But our skilled craftsmen work to make sure each and every piece is beautiful!  Adding a specialty finish to your product will make it even more of a specially chosen, work of art.  

For more pictures, check out our Flickr account!

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Robbi Shane

Robbi Shane

Is there an Amish furniture location that we could come to and discuss the table we want to order based on our chairs and server that are already in our dining room….so that all the items look well together?

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