It always surprises me how many people pay so little attention to the furniture in their bedroom, especially when they go all out with living room and dining room furniture. It surprises me because this is the one room where you will spend up to a full third of your day every day, yet often it is the most neglected room in the house. 

Of course, there’s the argument that most of the time you spend in there is spent sleeping, but consider this: when you are in comfortable, attractive surroundings, your mind is better able to relax and switch off, giving you better sleep. Your bedroom should be a sanctuary, a place to feel safe and cozy – a place where you can just let go of the day and relax. 

Choosing the right furniture for the bedroom doesn’t need to be a daunting task. With a few simple basics, you can lay the foundation for a bedroom that will feel right for years – even decades – to come. The finer details, like curtains, bedding and décor details may change, but with a good, strong bedroom set, you’ll have a lifetime of good sleep. 

The bed

Bungalow Bed 

The bed will always be the most important piece of furniture in the bedroom. Even if you have nothing else in there, you need a good bed. When you’re selecting a bed, there are three things to bear in mind – sturdiness, size and style, in that order.

Of course, we are always attracted to style first, but a beautiful bed that can’t hold your weight won’t do you any good. Choose a furniture manufacturer that has a reputation for building good quality, strong furniture that lasts, and you can take sturdiness as a given. 

Your bed size depends on your own size and space needs. If you’re super tall, make sure to ask about extra-long options. For example, Amish Tables’ beds come in twin, full, queen, king and California king sizes. At a full seven feet, a California king is four inches longer than a regular king size, making it ideal for even the tallest person. At the other end of the scale, if your room is very small, or if the bed is just for one person – say your child, for example, you could choose a twin bed. 

Style is all about personal choice. From more rustic, farm-style looks to fancier four-poster beds, everyone has something that appeals to them. Style, however, should be carefully thought through. Just because something is very in fashion right now doesn’t mean it’s going to stay that way, so consider classic styles that will always look good. 

The nightstand

Old Classic Sleigh Nightstand

There are so many reasons to have a good nightstand on one or either side of the bed: you like to read in bed and need somewhere to put the book, it’s good to have a glass of water handy in the middle of the night, your alarm clock or cell phone needs to be somewhere close at hand, or even just the simple fact that it rounds out the décor.

The two most important factors for choosing a nightstand are style and practicality. As far as style goes, try to choose something in a similar style to your bed and, if you’re having everything custom made, make sure the wood and stain match, so that you have a consistent look.

Practicality depends on your needs. Some folk have need for little more than a bedside lamp and a glass of water, while other like to stash several books, their important medications, and various other odds and ends in their nightstand. Consider drawers, shelves and closet space when choosing your nightstand. 

The dresser

Finland 9 Drawer Dresser 

Your dresser needs are going to vary, depending on the available space in your room, how much closet space you already have for clothes, and whether you need a mirror or not. Choosing a dresser, much like a nightstand, is all about style and practicality. 

Again, look at the style and try to get everything either in the same style, or in similar, complementary styles. If you’re having everything custom made, but don’t want to have everything made at once, make sure you or the manufacturer keep a record of the wood you chose and the stain that was used, so that you can color match later. 

Dressers are primarily there for practical purposes. If you have tons of closet space, your dresser may stand half empty, in which case choosing a smaller dresser might be worth it. If you have very little closet space – or a lot of clothes – a larger dresser will give you all the storage space you need. 

The extras

Panel Day Bed 

Depending on your room size and your needs, you might want to add extra items, like a day bed, a small living room set, or a trunk for storing extra bedding or kids’ toys. Whatever additional furniture you choose, bear in mind these three factors: size, practicality, and style. You don’t want to overcrowd your bedroom with too-big furniture, but large bedrooms can handle some bigger pieces. Choose items for the use you’ll get out of them, not just because they are attractive. Always try to match or complement the style of your other furniture. Follow these guidelines and you’ll develop a bedroom décor scheme that’s comfortable, cozy and long-lasting.


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