What's in a bedroom? Who needs tips on arranging the furniture, anyway? After all, it's there in the name – bedroom. Just stick a bed in there and be done with it. It's not like you're going to be doing much in there, anyway.

Except, that's not really true, is it? Bedrooms serve more than just the function of being a place to sleep and engage in other bed-related activities. Your bedroom could be a sanctuary, somewhere you go to escape the bustle of family life for a short while. 

Perhaps you have a TV in your bedroom and spend a few hours a night in there catching up on your favorite shows. Maybe you have a family and each person has their own space that needs to be tailored for their needs. 

Whatever the case, it isn't just a matter of shoving a bed in there and being done with it. Getting the flow of your bedroom right will not only make it a place to sleep well, but a comfortable retreat, somewhere that quiet time and relaxation can happen. 

1 – Light it up

One of the first things to look at when working out the bedroom furniture arrangement is the lighting. Do you have natural light coming in, and where from? Are there sconces, or just an overhead light? Where would you plug in bedside or standing lamps?


The available lighting and the potential for adding lighting will have an effect on bedroom furniture placement. For example, if your child's bedroom needs a desk for study, you want to place it where it can firstly take most advantage of natural light and secondly where it's easy to add a desk lamp without stretching all kinds of cords. 

2 – Make your bed 

Of course, the most important piece of furniture in a bedroom is the bed. All other considerations for how to organize your bedroom have to take second place to the bed. So what should you bear in mind? 

The classic layout, as seen on every movie or TV show since time immemorial, is center stage, with plenty of room on either side. This arrangement makes a lot of sense when two people are sharing a bed, but where in the room should you put it?

Especially in a small bedroom, make sure that you can open your closet doors properly when the bed is in place. Also, try to place the bed where overhead lights or sconces aren't going to shine directly into your eyes if you are in bed.

The best tip is always to measure the bed and the room thoroughly before placing it.

3 – Room to move 

Bedroom layout, especially when arranging furniture in a small bedroom, is all about maximizing the space you have. There's a fine line between cramped and cozy, and you want to stay on the cozy side. Measuring really well and getting creative with placement can make life a lot easier.


Maybe you're someone who enjoys reading and want a little reading nook. What about a small couch for your bedroom? Will this make it cozy or cramped? The trick here is to measure everything thoroughly – then measure it again! Be sure you won't have to climb over the couch to get into bed. 

Let's look at the teenager who needs a desk again. Does your measuring show the room will be too crowded? A small bedroom layout for this kid could involve raising the bed to make space below it for a desk.

4 – Size it up 

As far as bedroom furniture arrangement goes, size is everything. The size of the room, the size of the furniture... even the size of your budget.

We can't stress this enough – measure, then measure again. If your room can accommodate an extra-long King-size bed and a couple of armchairs with room to move around, great. However, if you try to squash this be into a room that can barely handle a double bed, you're going to have major space issues – if you even get the bed in at all!


Make a list of all the furniture you have or are planning to buy and their sizes, measure the bedroom, making note of where the door, closets and windows are, then draw it out. Make a few scale diagrams of the room and try out different arrangements on paper before placing the furniture. 

By taking your time and planning the room, you will find you have a whole lot more space and comfort to enjoy your inner sanctum.


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