1) The Search 

After selecting the item you are interested in, you decide the wood type, stain and any specialty finishing techniques.  Make sure you measure the space this item will be placed.  If you have questions about a product you can email our sales team at sales@amishtables.com and we can assist you.

2) Ready to Order 

Add your items to your cart and proceed with checkout.  Its simple and convenient. 

3) Payment methods 

We accept major credit cards, paypal, and checks. 

4) Order Confirmation 

You will be emailed an order confirmation once your order has been submitted.  We review all orders so if we see an issue with something, we will definitely contact you. 

5) Order Process

Our standard lead time for orders is about 3 months from the time the order is placed until delivery.  Your order will proceed through the following steps with the following estimated time frames.  This a handcrafted process and time frames are subject to the schedule of the builders, finishers and shippers. 

  • Building & Finishing 
  • We process all orders and get them submitted to our builders.  You should receive emails from us as your order moves through the phases.  The construction phase is the longest phase. Once it is built, it goes to our finishing shop where orders are finished together as a set. After the order is finished it is ready to be picked up by our shipping company. 
  • Shipping 
  • Orders are shipped from our Indiana warehouse.  Each order is packed carefully making sure to protect your order from potential damage and then shipped via various freight and independent shipping companies.     
  • Delivery
  • Make sure you inspect your furniture and in the event of damage (which is rare), please note this on this delivery receipt.  Any issues with your order must be noted and we need to be notified within 5 days of delivery in order to initiate a claim with us and our shipping company. 

6) Post-Delivery 

We want to hear from you.  Are you satisfied with your product?  Happy with how we served you?  Let us know.  Feel free to review us on our website, submit a testimonial and photo via email to your sales representative or review us on our social media outlets. 

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