Quarter Sawn White Oak offers a unique look with the linear grain pattern. This wood type is favorite choice for mission and arts & crafts styled homes. Paired with furniture with mortise and tenon joinery or slats and corbels, this can add a craftsmen style look to your home.

  • Tone
    This wood has cooler white to sage undertones. 
  • Grain
    Quarter Sawn White Oak has a unique grain pattern which is achieved by cutting the wood at a 90 degree angle to the tree's growth rings which exhibits a tight grain with dramatic light and dark tones. Quarter Sawn White Oak absorbs stains richly and evenly. The natural variation of color exhibited in the wood grain is enhanced with staining.
  • Durability
    Very durable with good wear-resistance. The grain pattern can help hide minor dents and wear.
  • Overall Look
    If you love furniture with texture, then Quarter Sawn is a great choice. It is the perfect look for mission and craftsman styles. 
  • Density
    Quarter Sawn White Oak has a rating of 1360 on the Janka Hardness Scale*.

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Furniture pictured in Quarter Sawn White Oak


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