Red Oak is a classic wood type that is perfect for a traditional styled home. It has been a staple of Amish furniture builders and provides a warm, comfortable ambiance to any room. Whether it’s a red oak dining table, a desk, a chair or another piece of furniture, our handcrafted red oak furniture is guaranteed to make a statement in your home.

Red Oak Furniture Characteristics

  • Tone 
    Orange-reddish hue with the sapwood being white to light brown.
  • Grain
    Pronounced opened grain. The stain absorbs into this open grain pattern becoming darker where the grain is close and lighter where the grain is more open.
  • Durability
    Very durable with good wear-resistance. The grain pattern can help hide minor dents and wear.
  • Overall Look
    This is an ideal choice if you desire a warm or more traditional look. 
  • Density
    Red Oak has a rating of 1290 on the Janka Hardness Scale*.

Red Oak Furniture Stain Examples

    Amish Tables Red Oak StainsRed Oak HoneyRed Oak Hoosier SpecialRed Oak Almond Stain Red Oak HarvestRed Oak Vintage AntiqueRed Oak Lite AsburyRed Oak Michael's CherryRed Oak EarthtoneRed Oak TavernRed Oak Golden BrownRed Oak Burnt UmberRed Oak AsburyRed Oak BriarRed Oak DriftwoodRed Oak Limed Oak

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