Hard Maple Samples

Size: Regular Stain Sample
Color: Almond
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 The smooth, blonde grain lends itself perfectly to a contemporary and chic look. A Hard Maple dining set would compliment a modern dining room and is the perfect backdrop for cocktail parties and formal dining.

  • Tone
    The sapwood is creamy white with a golden hue and the heartwood varies from light to dark golden brown.
  • Grain
    The wood has a close, fine texture and a light circular grain pattern. The light tone of Hard Maple makes the stain colors appear bold and bright, while the hard and smooth texture makes it less suited to dark stains. 
  • Durability
    Hard Maple is one of the hardest domestic woods in the USA and sometimes referred to as Rock Maple. Because of its hardness, it is very durable. 
  • Overall look
    The minimal grain pattern of Hard Maple make it the perfect choice for a transitional, contemporary or modern look. This wood captures light and brightens any space.
  • Density
    Hard Maple has a rating of 1450 on the Janka Hardness Scale*.


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