Walnut Samples

Size: Regular Stain Sample
Color: Almond
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The rich golden to grey tones of Walnut are perfect for a modern and contemporary look. The grain pattern makes this the perfect choice for a room where the furniture can take center stage. Highlight the grain further by pairing it with furniture with clean lines or unique details.

  • Tone
    Walnut has a rich chocolate or purplish brown color with hints of grey, black, and sometimes golden streaks. It is the only dark brown hardwood grown domestically. Over time it will take on a light golden brown color, which is slight and almost unnoticeable.
  • Grain
    It has a beautiful grain pattern, characterized by a lot of movement and streaks.
  • Durability
    It is a medium-dense hardwood and can be prone to denting with heavy use. The grain pattern will help hide some minor wear. 
  • Overall look
    The grey and rich tones of Walnut is perfect for making a statement and can be either a contemporary or a formal statement piece. 
  • Density
    Walnut has a rating of 1010 on the Janka Hardness Scale*. 

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