Whether you’re outfitting your bedroom from scratch, switching out an old piece for a new one, or adding an essential to your room, there are many things to take into consideration. This quick guide gives you the ten most important questions to ask when you’re buying new furniture for your bedroom. 


The Francine Bedroom 

1 – What is my budget?

Don’t start shopping before you have a realistic budget worked out. Break it down into three parts: Savings you have available for immediate big purchases, a monthly amount you can set aside for future big purchases and a monthly or quarterly amount you can use for smaller items. 

2– How much space do I have?

Get out that tape measure and create a floor plan of the bedroom. Measure the length and height of the walls, the size and placement of the windows and doors, and the location and quantity of any lighting fixtures and power outlets. 

3 – What storage space do I have?

Some bedrooms come with large, spacious walk-in closets, while others have a couple of small shelves built in. Knowing how much storage space you have helps you work out how much storage space you’ll need to add on in the form of wardrobes, dressers or cupboards.


Francine Chest 

4 – How good is the quality?

Preferably, you want your bedroom furniture to last you a good long while. Find out as much as you can about the quality of the furniture manufactured by the company you’re hoping to buy from. This can include reading reviews or testimonials, asking other customers, or finding out if the company has a quality guarantee in place. 

5 – Does the company deliver?

Unless you have easy access to a truck, you’ll probably want the company to deliver the furniture to you. Most companies charge a delivery fee, so factor that into the budget. Also check whether they have an option to help you set up the furniture and provide any assembly if required. 

6 – What items are must-haves?

Especially if you’re replacing all your furniture or setting up a home from scratch, you’re going to have quite a long list of furniture you need. Write down every item you need and want and prioritize those you absolutely must have – the bed, for example!


Francine Bed 

7 – What items can wait?

Related to the previous point, work out which items on your list can wait a new weeks or months, or can go onto the long-term planning list. You might be able to make do with your available storage until you can afford a good dresser, or the situation may require you to look at an alternative in the meantime. 

8 – Does the style work?

If you’re just replacing one piece or adding to an existing set-up, it helps if the new piece works with the rest of your furniture. Or, if you’re doing a new set-up, check whether your preferred style works with the home’s layout, architecture style and period.


Francine Dresser 

9 – Do I need this item, or want it?

Need should always take priority over want, especially if you’re working on a tight budget. At the same time, you may have some extra cash left over to get a few “want” items. Deciding whether a piece of furniture or a decorative item is a necessity or something you just desire can help you prioritize and budget. 

10 – Does this come with matching pieces?

Situations change, and there may come a time in a year or two where you need an additional piece of furniture that you didn’t foresee at the time you started planning your bedroom – you might move to a bigger house and have space for a sofa, or you could have a baby and need a crib. By making sure in advance that the pieces you choose are part of a range that can be added to, or that work with another range, can help you choose furniture that works now, and for the long haul.


Francine Nightstand

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