Choosing the Perfect Bed Size for your space

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 There’s no feeling that quite matches the sweet comfort of laying down at the end of a long, rough day, pulling the covers up and sinking into your bed. We all need sleep; some of us get too little, some of us could get up a bit earlier, but whoever you are, you need somewhere to rest your body and mind at the end of every day. 

There’s also no feeling quite as annoying as a bed that doesn’t fit right. Too short, and your feet hang off the end. Too narrow, and you end up fighting over space and feeling constricted. Too big, and suddenly your bedroom becomes an obstacle course to negotiate. That’s why we’ve put together the ultimate guide to choosing the perfect bed size to suit your needs. 

1 – Measure the room

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It does seem like we say this in just about every column, doesn’t it? That’s probably because it’s the single most important factor when choosing furniture for any room in the house. No matter how comfortable, beautiful, elegant or suitable for your personality a piece of furniture is, if it doesn’t fit in the room properly, you are going to have problems. 

Measure the length and height of every wall, and make sure you check the doorway’s measurements as well, so you know if it will fit. But why the wall height? Bear in mind, you may decide to go for a bed with an extended, high headboard, or one of our poster beds, and you need to make sure those posts are going to fit, too. 

Top tip: Measure the hallway outside the bedroom, too. Take it from me, you need maneuverability space. I’ve had to remove a bathroom cabinet from the bathroom wall before to allow enough space to get a fancy, oversized headboard into my bedroom! 

2 – Measure the bed’s occupants

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Every single person and every single couple differs, so there’s no one-size-fits-all approach to choosing a bed. Knowing how tall you are, as well as how wide, will help you choose a suitable bed size. If you’re not sure about the available sizes, here’s a handy guide to standard US bed sizes: 




Twin or Single



Extra-long Twin



Full or Double









California King



As a general rule of thumb, twin beds are good for children, while extra-long twins are good for college dorm rooms. Most couples prefer a queen or king size bed so they have enough room to sleep night after night, while a full size is a good option for guest rooms. California King is a full seven feet long, so unless you’re taller than around six feet four inches, bear in mind that this bed size can sometimes be a challenge to find bedding for, and also it is a good six inches narrower than a standard king. 

Top tip: It is super important to note that these sizes are the mattress sizes only. 

3 – Check the bed measurements

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Most bed designs include at least a headboard and usually a footboard as well, and some designs include extras on the sides as well. Just a headboard and footboard can add an extra six or even more inches to the bed’s length. Check the bed frame’s measurements when shopping to make sure it will fit within your available space. 

Top tip: Don’t forget to check the height measurements! You don’t want the headboard bumping into sconces, or if it’s a bunk bed, you don’t want anyone bumping their head when they sit up. 

4 – Plan your space

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This is another tip we can’t get enough of. Whenever you are planning on buying new furniture, we always recommend you craw out a plan of the room before buying anything. Take everything into account, including windows, power outlets, the door’s opening arc, closets or wardrobes and the position of the light fixtures. You should even include any pictures that are hanging on the walls, as they may have to move once the new furniture is in. 

Top tip: Play around with software to help you plan the room. With good photographs and accurate measurements, you’ll be able to get a really good picture of what the room will look like and judge how much room you’ll have to move around in. 

5 – Check for bedding

While you’ll most likely find bedding available in the standard sizes, it helps to check what’s available in the stores you’re likely to buy from. The smaller the town you live in, the less variety you’re likely to find, and one or two sizes may not be catered for. Of course, you can always do your bedding shopping online, but still make sure you’ll be able to find bedding you like in the size you’re looking at buying. 

Top tip: This shouldn’t be your most important factor, but rather one that can help you decide if you’re stuck between two choices. 

Our final tip is to look for a quality mattress. This has nothing to do with choosing the size, but it’s an important consideration, no matter what bed you get. An inferior quality mattress can lead to poor sleep, aching muscles and joints, sleep apnea and snoring, and other medical problems. The most attractive, sturdy, custom-built bed is only as good as the mattress you’re sleeping on, so don’t skimp on it.


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