Amish Tables Arts and Crafts Chair Styles

Our first post in the Take a Seat series is focused on the Arts & Crafts Chair Styles.

The Arts & Crafts style flourished in England from 1860 until 1910 and began as a reaction against the ornate Victorian design which was popular in the period. The style became an international design movement that was widely influential in Europe and North America well into the 1930s. The movement was motivated by a return to traditional craftsmanship and a belief in “honest construction” whereby construction techniques, such as joinery, were often visible. The style employed simple forms with decoration inspired by medieval and folk art traditions, as well as nature. The Arts & Crafts influenced nearly every medium including architecture, fine arts, metalwork, and textiles.

As a style, Arts & Crafts continues to be revived and enjoyed today. In today’s busy home, the designs are still appreciated for their simplicity, clean lines, and subtle details. Showcasing the natural texture and prominent grain patterning of the wood is an important tenant of the style, and so, varieties of oak are an ideal choice. Furniture in the Arts & Crafts style is well-suited to the cozy, handcrafted home. Amish Tables has many Arts & Crafts chair styles to choose from including the Olde Century Dining Chair. Continue the theme with the Beaumont Trestle Table or the Manitoba Trestle Table for a perfect pairing.

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