Dining chairs come in a great variety of shapes and sizes, and are often grouped by style terms such as “mission” or “contemporary.” These terms are used to categorize the many options available on the market today. However, navigating through the world of table and chair combinations can be a challenge, especially as you strive to compliment the style and function of your home.

This post kicks off our new blog series Take a Seat, where we will briefly describe the chair styles featured on our site. Here at Amish Tables, we have over 100 different chairs to choose from! We hope these blog entries will help you to determine which dining chair is perfect for you. Later posts will include more details about each of these styles and suggestions of complementing tables. Our chair styles include the following:

Arts & Crafts: closely related to mission furniture, this style is linear, but usually embellished with hand-carved details and geometric inlay

Casual: defined by relaxed lines and minimal decorative details

Contemporary: this style has smooth, clean lines and simple geometric forms

Country: this term is used to loosely describe chairs that evoke a sense of rustic country living

Formal: elegantly curved lines, finely carved elements, and often feature an upholstered seat

Mission: characterized by simple horizontal and vertical lines with no ornamentation

Shaker: this style features clean, tapering lines, which emphasize utility and fine craftsmanship

Dining room chairsTake a seat

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