Amish Tables Contemporary Chair Styles

In our newest post for the Take A Seat series, we are looking at Contemporary Chair Styles.

Contemporary design developed in the 1950s and 1960s following a period of transition after World War II. The Contemporary movement was motivated by a post-war optimism for a new modern aesthetic which emphasized function in design, the use of new materials and technology, and streamlined living at an affordable price. The style drew from historical and traditional models, but set out to reinvent forms and reinterpret interior design.

Today, contemporary design is still concerned with the principles of form and function. The term is used to describe what is current for modern, practical living. Contemporary furniture features basic geometric shapes, subtle sophistication, and smooth lines, without curves and decoration. The quintessential contemporary interior is an interplay of open space and simple accessorizing, where each furnishing is individual and unique. Neutral tones, with minimal accent colors and restrained patterning advance the aesthetic. The Parkland Dining Chair and the Savannah Dining Chair are two of our favorite contemporary chair styles at Amish Tables. We recommend the Ethan Leg Table or the Imperial Single Pedestal Table for a fresh, modern look.

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