Host a movie night for ultimate family fun

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With online movies and ways to digitally record your favorite shows, it is now easier than ever to host an enjoyable movie night at home. Invite your family or friends and enjoy an evening in. Hosting a movie night can be as simple or as complex as you desire, but the end result will almost always be fun!

Invite: Invitations can be a simple email or phone call for a casual night in, or turn to the internet to send an e-invite if it will be a more elaborate affair. This makes it easy to track responses or ask guests to bring items. Depending on your movie choice, you may want them to bring something that goes along with the theme or extra pillows to ensure everyone is comfortable!

Food: If you are hosting movie night close to the dinner hour, ideas can range from ordering in, a waffle buffet, make your own pizzas, etc. If you host your party post-dinner then heavier appetizers or desserts work wonderfully! No matter what you do, don’t forget the popcorn!  See our Pinterest board for some of the yummy items featured below.

A classic Black and White film: have guests wear a string of pearls or a derby hat. Serve cocktails with some heavy appetizers. For dessert, chocolate mousse served up in a martini glass, don’t forget the whipped cream and berries!

An 80’s flick: Guests can bring a pair of Ray Ban’s! Nacho cheese dip and glass bottled soda! For dessert, how about homemade Hostess cupcakes? Pair it with a tie-die making competition for a full night of fun!

Family Friendly Feature: Get the kids involved and choose a family movie! Pair the food with the theme of the movie. Example: Watch “Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs” and serve up dishes featured in the movie – but make them big! Make a skillet-wide pancake or extra large meatballs with spaghetti! Check Pinterest for even more ideas!

A lot of the fun of a movie is the discussion that follows! Enjoy this free printable and use it to discuss the movie with your friends and family! Have guests write their answers down for discussion afterwards.  Keep track of the movies you've hosted, by keeping the completed discussion questions!

Alternately, use a Bingo sheet and play along as you watch the movie. Find a Bingo sheet (photo and download courtesy of Design Sponge) fill in the squares with aspects of the genre, or different items in the film.  Catch how much your guests are paying attention and have them check off the squares as they see them in the film!


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