February is the month of two of the most highly watched TV events: Superbowl Sunday and the Academy Awards.  We would like to highlight one of our most popular Plasma Stands!  The Springhill plasma stand incorporates straight lines, mortise and tenon joinery, black hardware and smoked glass. As with most plasma stands, it can come in a variety of widths and depths to make sure you have just the right amount of space.  Additional features like adjustable shelves and drawers that are CD/DVD accessible, as the Springhill does, allow for easy storage and use.  This plasma stand is part of the the Springhill Collection of occasional pieces, including coffee table, end table and sofa tables.

Choosing Media Stands

The Springhill can complement a wide selection of living room styles, depending on the wood and stain selected.  If your home is more transitional choose a darker stain like Ebony or Black Paint on Brown or Hard Maple, which have a more minimal grain pattern.  If your style lends more to craftsman or mission, 1/4 Sawn White Oak (pictured) is a a very popular choice.  The wood is cut on a 90 degree angle to the tree's growth rings, giving it a very unique grain pattern.  Since it is oak, it is also highly durable.  If your home has a more relaxed or lakefront feel, consider doing a natural stain on Hard Maple.

When choosing plasma stands just remember to measure to ensure that your components fit and choose a piece that compliments your style.  As with all of our furniture, media stands are built to your specifications.  Our builders are accustomed to altering the size of these units to make sure you get all the storage capacity you need.  If you need assistance making sizing adjustments, contact our sales team! 

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