Entertaining: Celebrating Valentines Day
{photo credit: Tipjunkie.com}

Valentine's Day is a favored holiday around Amish Tables! Anything that involves a reason to party, enjoy good food and sweets usually is.  Our company started with the motto: Family Happens Around the Table.  It is one that still rings true and today, Valentine's Day, is a great day to show your family you care!  We have gathered some great Valentine's Day ideas that are easy and fun for everyone!

Dinner time can be a great time to just add a little something extra to the day.  Whether it be little printed Valentine's waiting on the plates for your kids or sweetie, or just bringing home pink frosted cupcakes.  Like with most things, it is the thought {and effort} that matters.  Maybe you are already planning an elaborate meal with everything shaped as hearts or maybe you did not pre-plan.  That's ok, listed below are some easy-to-do ideas that will delight your loved ones.

A favorite in our house is breakfast for dinner.  Here are some yummy and easy dinners that you could make tonight! All recipes are available on our pinterest board.  Eggs, flour, milk, and voila - Valentine's Day Dinner!

Exchanging Valentine's Day cards is another easy way to show your loved ones you care.  This fun printable from tipjunkie.com has coordinating cards and coupons!

No matter what you do, again it is the thought that counts.  Remember Family Happens Around the Table, so why not use tonight to show someone how much they mean to you!


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