Guide to table seating
  1. How to Select the Perfect Dining Room Table Style
  2. How Many People Do You Want to Seat
  3. How to Decide on Your Furniture Wood Type
  4. Color, Warmth and Choosing the Right Stain
  5. Finding the Perfect Chair to Match Your Table
  6. With Accent Furniture to Complete the Room
  7. Adding The Finishing Touches - Decorating your Finished Room

Trying to select the dining table that is just the right size can be daunting!  Here are some helpful tools to make sure your table will be just the right size. 

We estimate 24" of space per person.  You will always want to verify the width of your chairs though.  Most dining chairs are between 18-20" wide.   

4 Person Dining Table Dimensions

Start with tables that are 42" or 48" round or square.


Amish Small Dining Tables and Sets

6 Person Dining Table Dimensions 

Start with tables that are 54" round or square.  
For a rectangular style, look for a 42"x60". 
For an oval style, look for a 42" x 72". 

8 Seater Dining Table Dimensions

Start with tables that are 60" square, 72" round or 42" x 72" rectangle. 

10 Seater Dining Table Dimensions 

42" x 60" with 3 - 12" extensions 
42" x 72" with 2 - 12" extensions

Amish Tables Double Pedestal Extension Tables

12 Person Dining Table Size 

42" x 60" with 5 - 12" extensions 
42" x 72" with 4 - 12" extensions

14 Person Dining Table Dimensions 

42" x 60" with 7 - 12" extensions 
42" x 72" with 6 - 12" extensions

16 Person Dining Table Dimensions 

42" x 60" with 9 - 12" extensions 
42" x 72" with 8 - 12" extensions

18 Person Dining Table Size

42" x 60" with 11 - 12" extensions 
42" x 72" with 10 - 12" extensions

20 Person Dining Table Size 

42" x 72" with 12 - 12" extensions

If you get a wider rectangular table like a 48"or 54" wide, you can sometimes accommodate 2 seats at each end of the table, depending on the table style.

dining room table measuring guide

Rectangular vs. Oval - Dining Table Dimensions 

Rectangular tables will seat more people than ovals.  For oval tables, you will usually need to add an extension or two to the above dimensions. 

What are your largest table sizes?

The largest table we offer is our Hartford Trestle table and it will seat 22 people comfortably. The second largest is the Shaker Mission Leg Table that will seat 20-22 people.

How can I be sure of my table’s seating capacity?

These are general seating guidelines. Some of our tables will seat differently, based on their style or leg size, etc.  Our knowledgeable team can help you ensure your table will seat just the right amount of guests. You can also reference our Table Measurement Guide for the math behind our seating 

Dining furniture guide

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