Accent Furniture to Complete the Room

Amish Tables Solid Wood Accent Dining Furniture

Why choose a buffet or sideboard for your space?  Adding a well chosen accent piece can be just the thing to complete your room.  Not only can it allow for additional storage and serving space, it can help complete the style you are trying to achieve in your space.  

The Many Styles of Dining Storage

Amish Sideboard and Amish Furniture Hutch

These classic pieces are composed of a top hutch and bottom buffet and range in width anywhere from 40" - 72".  They are the perfect solution to add more space to a room, since they have storage on top and bottom.  

This refers to the bottom portion of the hutch or a stand alone piece that is slightly taller than your table and offers both storage and a lot of open serving space. 

A smaller and more narrow designed piece that offers less storage but is perfect for smaller spaces. Traditionally designed specifically as a serving space with doors and drawers to store flatware and serving pieces. 

Leaf Storage Cabinets
Perfect for the storage of your extra table extensions, which for some of our tables can be considerable.  But these pieces can also be perfect for storing large serving items as they are an entirely open cabinet. 

Which Piece is Right for Your Home?

Amish Hutch Pictured in Home

You have already selected your table and chairs, now what about the accent piece?  You will want to consider a couple things to help narrow down which piece might work best for you. 

1) Where does the accent piece need to sit in the room?  Is there room for a tall piece or does it need to be more diminutive?  

Keep in mind you will need to have enough of a walk way between the storage piece and your table and chairs if they will be close by each other. 

2) What do you need most: serving space, storage space, or a combination of both? 

If you need more storage, try getting the largest case piece your room will allow.  If serving space is what you need, than a buffet or sideboard will be a better choice. 

You could also get creative and mix and match pieces in the room.  Find a similar styled bookcase or curio for storage purposes and pair it with a sideboard. There are not right or wrong answers when putting a room together.  It is about you and your style to make your space functional and beautiful.

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